25 days without homes, amazon will continue to ignore?

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it’s 25 days without being able to pay taxes and use the houses, even if join several cases you continue ignoring the problem in all the update and no give a solution?
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Are you having trouble solving the problem? simply ask everyone to delete their house and buy another one , but guarantee and they will receive a refund and stop this lack of respect towards a whole server and many people


Hey man i could rent you a room in my house 50 gold / per night .?


  • Players are now able to repurchase and utilize houses that were lost during a rollback. This should also allow players to pay taxes on houses they own if they encountered this issue


Haha… wair for it. I gave up on those houses a week ago and bought 2 new ones, I bet they and all new furniture I re-purchased are gone after the 1.1.2 “patch”.

Hello @lucas_vinisantos!

Thank you for your patience while we corrected our server clock issues! As mentioned previously, we are reimbursing players for housing rent they may have been over charged for between November 18th and November 23rd. The reimbursement will roll out to players who were impacted over the next few days. You will not be notified in game but you will see an increase in gold in your bank. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we resolved this issue!

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