25 mutations per week is a hard limit need to go

I could understand that after reaching the limit, you just stop geting loot / shards, but it will still be possible to go into dungeons with friends to help them, I play on a tank and often go into dungeons to help those who are stuck on the boss or just help friends who are still upgrade gs, now I can’t even do this and even if I stop helping the touse who stuck at boss, I’ll use up those miserable 25 passes very quickly.
The problem of shards selles can be solved much easier, do not give shards if you went to the last boss, if other bosses were killed without you, then you do not get shards. As an example, take the genesis if you entered after killing the kartaker, then you won’t get shards anymore, or even they can divide the run time by the number of shards and give out as much as you spent in the run, but no more than it should be for the run. So if out of a 20 minute run you’ve only been there for the last minute, you’ll get 300 shards per m10. Or forbid kicking players during the battle so that it is not possible to kick and call other players during the fight with the last boss, so it will be much more difficult for sellers to sell shards.

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