25% weight reduction Fort Buff?

The changes to the fort buffs have been tremendous in giving players a good reason to fight for specific forts (especially FL fort). While some forts in the game can use some better adjustments like MB with a 5% global XP increase (a small and rather not that great buff IMO), these types of buffs get players out there to fight and contest the forts. With that being said I feel another buff would be greatly appreciated if we had a weight reduction fort, personally I feel 25% is the sweet spot of a nice convenient buff that isn’t 50%.


Combine MB and CK Fort Buff into one → 5%-10% Global XP and Luck Bonus

Replace MB or CK Fort Buff → 25% Weight Reduction for all items in your inventory


  • While I think 25% is the sweet spot, let me know if you think this is too high or too low

  • Let me know why you might think the actual buff is too OP and should never be introduced, also provide some examples or context of what could go wrong (Don’t just say buff = bad lol)

  • Do you agree with combining the fort buffs of MB and CK? What should be replaced instead?

Anyways that’s all, I’m hoping a mod will get this to the devs to at least give them a good idea of what could be improved.