250-300 const perks are useless in my opinion

hi everyrone,
i just wanted to ask if the 250 const and the 300 const passives would ever be reworked.
i’m a tank pvp player since the release of the game and i made some big changes in my build to make myself the most usefull and reliable tank player for my party/guild.
atm i’m playing with ss-wh with the +10% dmg passive for my party members and the full cc wh build.
i end wars with 700k dmg and good utility but still it’s not the playstyle i’d like to play!
i find myself being forced to play 300 strenght-200 const because the 200strenght-300const is completely useless.
we are talking about a difference in hp of roughly 5k hp (more or less 1 second difference in the middle of a point) and the 2 passives that i’m getting at 250const-300const are completely useless
let’s be realistic at 250 i’m getting -60% dmg reduction when full health with a cd on this passive…something that COULD be usefull in pve but useless in pvp. there’s no real scenario where u can get a oneshot dmg in war and be saved by this passive.
the 300const passive in the other hand it’s a +20% duration on ccs that i make…in a real war scenario with everyone spamming aoe dmg my ccs will last like 0,2 seconds.

i’m hoping on a rework on these to make 300const real worth the effort.
like a +30% hp flat on the 300const passive…to AT LEAST go over the 20k hp…or maybe a reduction on the ccs that i receive! something that could make tanks more valuable in war and maybe real tanks!


Constitution is the least balanced attribute already. What you are asking for is over kill.

It is balanced for non-tankers (or for those who have never played a tank in their life).

At the moment, the “tank” class, is useless in war and OPVP, you don’t do enough damage as a DPS and you don’t have all these HP / Utilities that can make up for this lack of DPS, ergo, useless.

I think a rework of AT LEAST 1 of the two passive 250/300 is the only thing that can make a tank make the leap in quality (higher HP or less duration of the CC received).

Or give us a gem that scales in COS :slight_smile:

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