250 con and 300 con need better buffs

Right now the buffs that you get from committing a significant amount of your stats into con just aren’t good enough to justify the point spend outside of niche circumstances where the 250 buff might be ‘ok’. The 300 buff of stun duration when most stuns last at most 2-4 seconds is negligible at best (meaning 20% increases them at best 1s not even).

250: leave it the same but reduce the downtime to 30s and decrease the threshold from full health to 90% health or greater.

300: Throw out the old ability all together as it’s nearly useless you’re forte at 300 con is damage soaking. Replace this with a flat 10% reduction to all damage taken.

All the logging stuff can stay the same that’s kind of whatever.

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Tbh swap the 300str and 300con

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I never understood myself why the STR perk seems to be a better tanking perk, or for that matter why Sword seems to have less means to prevent being knocked around vs other weapons.

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Well swapping 300str and 300con would make sense i feel. Str gets the increased duration to slows and stuff. Con will get the grit on heavy and light. Making tank builds having more ways to not be interrupted

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The logging and mining perks I’d actually like to see changed. Right now, those who take these perks cancel and restart harvesting over and over – so long as nobody else is around them to steal their node during the interruption.

→ which is a super-strange system, despite that it takes quite a bit of effort to do arguably…

A flat reduction in harvest time, or something like each harvest takes ‘one-swing-less’, I think would be better all around {less janky a system}. Yet this is a bit off topic vs the remainder of the post, which I otherwise mostly agree with.

while true that’s more of an issue with action cancelling etc. which they could revisit for sure, but I’m sure you’d agree it’s less important as to why you would or would not take 250 or 300 con vs going to 200 con and tossing the rest in another stat.

To be fair even the HP gains from 200 Con to 300 Con are fairly weak.

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