2500 hours in New World - time to say goodbye. Leaving some gentle thoughts to the dev team

Number 3 big facts- Remove tax money.


The game is not labelled “Early Access” so everyone has a right to expect either a reasonably polished product or their money back.

There are simply so many badly thought out systems that have destroyed the game population. That’s on top of the bugs which are secondary in this case.

Do you even play MMOs?
Most of them don’t introduce more PvP modes. They maybe add some maps.
PvP is inherently boring. Any new “game mode” is still basically played out the same – bashing each other’s brains in.,
Even games that have different game modes like ESO see PvPers just doing deathmatch in every made, ruining the experience of that specific game mode’s novel features for other PvPers who actually want to play those game modes as intended. A common complaint about alternate PvP modes is losing because you got paired with idiot PvPers who refused to play the objectives and score points.

The current 3v3 arena development is a complete waste of time and will probably be a shitshow of complaints.
Good that AGS hasn’t wasted even more effort on PvP.

Now that AGS can tap into the RMT funded by tax money, through the sales of paid transfers, don’t expect this to ever change.
The only thing legitimate players can do now – the thing they should have been doing since launch – is to stop playing PvP or even stop playing the game entirely to boycott funding exploiter companies. Only when the game finally fails due to lack of players will AGS take note.
For now AGS has still kept things afloat by server merges but when there’s only one server left, that option will be closed to them.

There are many better games to play with your time, and totally free. I’m playing Vampyr right now that I got free from the Epic Games Store, and Prey will be free again this Thursday from the Epic Games Store. I spent a couple of weeks playing that awesome game and didn’t even bother logging in to New World.
The QoL changes of free storage transfer and cheap teleports brought me back to NW for a look, but there’s still no sign AGS wants to make the necessary changes to the game’s fundamentals.

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Except all that is useless because the best outcome for every server is everyone in the same one faction enjoying all benefits. Less so now with the QoL changes to storage and travel, but definitely the case prior to that, and absolutely the case now with the luck bonus when flagged. If everyone is in the same faction, might as well flag up and get 30% free luck, right? Then you can tell every other server they are idiots for not doing the same.

And notice that the ultimate outcome of theoretically being very good at PvP IS in fact a one-colour map and an end to OWPVP. We own whole server, what is stopping us to destroy it? - General Discussion / General Discussion - New World Forums

AGS already had PVP benefits for the underdog – the ability for less people to push influence faster – but everyone just complained and thought it was a bug or cheat or exploit.

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Great post. Territory ownership needed to be addressed a long time ago. They knew the system was/is broken and still they have done nothing. The money that has been funneled to so few has destroyed the game.


Except…that’s not a fun game. Having no competition and no PvP is no fun.

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(1) Most of the PvPers left in this game do NOT want competition. Just look at what they are doing and why there is the complaint in the first place about too much money etcetera.
The ones who did want competitive, engaging PvP left when AGS didn’t address the early mass cheating and exploiting – which was done obviously by masses of PvPers who did NOT want competitive PvP, but just wanted to win at any cost, including cheating and exploiting and buying RMT money to buy bis gear.

(2) Forcing competition is therefore the real way to keep OWPVP alive – and that involves REMOVING settlement control from players.
Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums


What are you on about… first of all I am talking about PVP centric MMOs and ESO in its current state is not among them.
PVP is boring? Well thats just one mans opinion yet you place it like a fact in the sentence. Some people find it fun and as a matter of fact I can say the same thing about PVE (kek).
Especially in this game since AI is as smart as carrot and the mechanics are so simple its almost ridiculous.
New World community has no problem with playing the objective considering how wars and opr matches turn out. Are these mainly about death matching? Obviously, but the objectives are made in such a way that go with that hand to hand. Same can be done on other game modes. I can think of a couple but I’ll save it for other thread.

So please save your bias and your jibber jabber future predictions for whisky talk. You sound very full of yourself. Kind of annoying. Later

Exactly. In the end, there is no real interest in any PvP game mode other than death match or being able to play it like a deathmatch. If the objectives happen to line up with playing it like a deathmatch, then guess what? It’s a deathmatch. Period.

Asking for more modes has proven useless in other games. Won’t be different here.

Maybe you want to cite some actual examples first of levelled MMOs with majority interest in alternate PvP game modes.
I cited ESO because it actually HAS modes OTHER than deathmatch, where deathmatch won’t win you a match because you didn’t play objectives.

Also if you say stuff like Arena being a waste of time then I find it hard to believe you played any mmos. Having some form of an arena is a standard. Like npcs or fast travel. It should have been added months ago if not sooner. Jesus with all due respect get your head out of your ass bro.

You’re clearly very biased or trolling around. Either way I will not waste my time with you.

“Exactly. In the end, there is no real interest in any PvP game mode other than death match or being able to play it like a deathmatch. If the objectives happen to line up with playing it like a deathmatch, then guess what? It’s a deathmatch. Period.”

That quote alone shows that youre either trolling or your logic is flawed. Just because you can win by getting objective or deathmatch does not make it a deathmatch by default. With that in mind anything revolving around getting other player from 100 to 0 to get an objective (since objective are contested) is a deathmatch xD There is a lot of other game modes in other games and other genres that also have options to win by killing everyone regardless if you take the objective or not. That means all of these are deathmatches? :rofl: :rofl:

I see people mention this a lot, but it’s not been true in my experience. I very seldom see anyone In the OPRs I join just hit 500 and then sit around. It’s very, very rare.

I liked the PVP modes in SWToR. They were a lot of fun. I’ve been playing MMOs since Everquest and SWToR is the only MMO other than NW that I ever played PVP on.

I have like 7,500 + hours over all the alphas and launch combined. I used to say to myself, you know what this game has 0 content, the story sucks, and everything is literally copy pasta but you know what kept me going.

The combat man, was top tier, unlike anything in an MMORPG to me, until it just became more watered down and watered down, weird hybrid WoW like trading and very gear reliant,

All the classes that were fun to me continued to get nerfed while great axe/warhammer was just so definitive in the meta, I just didn’t understand if the game is crashing and burning why not just crank the OP scale on everything and let people enjoy the game.

Idk, agree with your post and this is definitely not the last of this story, but unfortunately all of this falls on deaf ears, and they really only listen to feed back from streamers instead of people who dedicated hours and hours testing and playing non stop.

So fuck it, to be honest I hope the game recovers but it is simply the most un fun it has been in the past 2 months as my classes have just been nerfed to shit.

I’m waiting until this month’s patch because there has just been no lack of content / recycled ideas necessary to fix the game. They know what needs to be done, just a matter of time of doing it and acting on it, or straight up firing the combat dev.


Musket never got massively buffed and with new patch it will get a little bit weaker. Void Gauntlet is still strong. Great Axe broken. Healers broken. Faction system broken. So much more broken. I probably will quit aswell.

Yours is a minority experience in MMOs.
Whenever PvP has non-PvP rewards, there will be non-PvPers who just go for the rewards and not care about winning the match. This in turn typically causes their whole team to lose the match. Because in PvP, rewards are essentially under the control of players, so there’s a mix of minimal-effort, loss-farming, and win-trading. And you can’t just say “reward only wins” because you will also hurt legitimate PvPers.

We’ll see just how much of this happens in the Arena mode that’s coming up. If early OPR was any indication, it’ll be flooded with loss farmers.

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I typically write a detailed explanation for why I have stoped playing every game I have ever played because it…

Wait…no I don’t.

i agree with this and i raise it with putting an option to gain control of a territory without having to do pvp. because these supreme companies earn ridiculous amount of coins thanks to all pve players’ taxes even if they have the same amount of time spent in the game(which is kind of doubtful, gatherers, farmers, dungeon runners probably spend more time on average). so its quite unfair in my opinion that these toxic people get themselves good stuff while others suffer. these kinds of games shouldnt widen the gap between players this much. But sadly its not the case. somehow a way to throw the ruling company and locking them out for a while without wars should be implemented.

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They dont put out new content. Just because they release a new patch each month with something “new” doesnt mean its new content. They have added one dungeon and added two weapons since launch. That isnt content. They are gonna release another dungeon in what i would guess july. Again not new content. Players burn through this “new content” in a few days then are left with the broken mess of a game for a few more months. They wont actually add any new content until October when Brimstone Sands and the greatsword get released. By then the game will have less than 15k players at peak. We are already at 20k peak players 7 months in. Five more months they might have to shoot this sick dog behind the shed and bury it

I have always said to my mates its like with these games these days you buy its like getting a brand new tv without the screen, i personally hate it

I mean OP played until they weren’t having fun anymore.

Time to have fun in another game.

What’s wrong with moving on?

I completely agree with topic creator.

One of their biggest design flaws in my opinion is the territory/faction system, together with the fact that the strongest companies can control entire servers with multiple proxy/shell companies. I’ve seen so many players in my community leave because of this. Its just sad that AGS have no interest in changing the system even though the problems with it has been reported for months.
Credit to the companies that put themself in a position where they win against all competition, they obviously did something right. The problem is that it quickly removes all their competition when the majority of the playerbase are denied a big part of the games content, and all wars are basically attacking the same big company.
I’ve been on both sides while playing the game, the losing attacking side and in a company that owned WW/EF/BW. In my opinion the current system opens up for increased toxicity within the server communities. It would be more healthy for the game if the territories were controlled by many different companies. That way more people could attend wars, and many different companies could actually fight eachother. Instead of every company having to attack the same shell company owned by the company that controlls entire servers.

Also, its just baffling to me how the devs have left gravity well in its current state. It has dominated the pvp scene/meta for months. Every kill/wipe in war is just a matter of which side executes their gravity well setups the most effective. You would think that when the best war compositions include 30 + gravity wells, that would make it deserve a nerf/change, but no. Gravity well is so absurdly broken, and the ability alone basically forces players into playing certain abilities and specs just because of gravity well. A ranged aoe, pull, root with one-shot potential. The devs that thought that would be a good idea should be kept away from pvp balancing forever for the health of this game.