2nd Call for Interested parties on the AP/OCE Servers

So, regardless of all that has been said in the forum pages on why fresh servers are a good or bad idea, I can be safe to say the vast majority is wanting a fresh start.

  1. I want to state, I see both views but lets be real for a second the traction that amazon games would get for fresh servers, from streamers, returning players, players who left because the game was broken would make them even more money, even from word of mouth of someone seeing new world stream the said new fresh servers, at the end of the day from a marketing perspective why would they not do so, even WoW is making fresh servers, and just from the talk alone even from Asmongold, from his perspective it would make the company more money just by the traction they would get.

  2. So with that being said this is a recruitment message to those old, new and returning players that play on the OCE servers are you yourself interested in joining a company that is planning on making an epic comeback to new world, end of the day we are all gamers and we are all here for fun if you think starting again and starting on a fresh server will be fun and interesting then please do feel free to make a comment below with your discord name and number or contact me on discord via LordDragos#1080. See you all there gamers~!

Join Us on this adventure!~

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Question. How many people do you have ready for fresh start, what type of players (casual or nolifes) and will you be rushing to claim EF/WW/BW?

10+ people are 100% confirmed and from there another 10+ are still on the fence, but depending on how many people join we have strats to accommodate how many people actually end up joining.

I’ve been hoping to find some people to start fresh. I sent a friend request to you on Discord. I’m 100% in.

I think the reason they are not releasing fresh servers now is that Brimstone Sand patch contains a lot of problems and bugs. And with recent dupe and trophy stack, imagine if that happend on a fresh server.

I think middle or end of October.