Everyone universally loved this weekend. Only real complaint myself, friend group and anyone else might have is probably that it’s not really to the “4th of July”.

The event ended at 3am EST, which is technically the 4th of July, but the advertisement in place mentioning that it was from 1-4th was… kind of misleading. I’d wager most people would’ve expected it to finish up by the end of Monday, not the beginning.

Come on, just flip the switch for another 18 hours. Nobody expected this and everyone would give you huge brownie points to do this on a holiday where loads of people are staying home. We’re all having a great time, lets keep this gravy train going.

@Aenwyn @Luxendra @Shadow_Fox @o-o


This post says 2:59am EST on July 5th NOT 4th? Not sure why it ended tonight. It should run another day. @Luxendra ? [Event] XP Extravaganza

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Someone < instead of <=

Edit: It’s back. Thanks

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I think this should just be the normal exp gain in all categories, it would bring players back, just a thought. AGS needs to do things that make the game new player friendly and this would be a great addition.


This event was unintentionally shut off for a little under an hour and then extended for an additional hour to make up for our mistake. Hopefully you were able to enjoy it through the end of the 4th! :slight_smile:


+1 to this. Also when you hit 60 you should automatically be at 600 expertise … the entire idea of having to waste time to get to 600 expertise might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen instituted. You’re gaiting new players from being able to play with their friends and creating a margin so wide that most will quit, assuming they haven’t quit due to the slow leveling process (without the 2x exp).

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