3 Companies are Exploiting War Mechanics

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  • JoKirClown

  • Maramma US East

  • 3 Companies switched faction Purple to Yellow and are using the Previous Companies to force kick players out of the upcoming war so they can guarantee a win on their new Faction Companies.

  • Exploit and they should all be Banned

  • Loss of Gold, Loss of Territory through Exploitation, Loss of desire to continue playing if stuff like this gets a free pass.

  • I have 2 Screen Shots I am Including. The Companies involved are

Syndicate: Volun (Volun Co. is their other company), No Ground, and Tom’s Nook.
Covenant: Darktide Fanclub, Volun 100k

They are even talking about it in their Discord. How they can only remove and ban someone every 30 seconds. They did this to ensure they could have their own people in slots for the free gold and war chest. These players need to be punished for Exploiting the game by Cheating to gain an advantage.

What advantage did they gain?
Looks like one company kicked out people from their war, are they not allowed to do that?

By Blocking players who chose not to switch faction with them, they could fill the spots with their own members and claim the gold 50 v 2. They went on to do so in the following Invasion where they kicked people not in one of their Companies so they could reap the benefits.

Territories are being swapped in this manner where millions of gold and hundreds of chests are being robbed from Honest players who aren’t exploiting the game to keep territory and Faction Swap because they think its Easier…its Cowardly to Cheat.

I’m sorry. Is that not their territory? Can they not have whoever they want to defend it? If they want the stress of defending and managing it maybe they want to lose it?
Their company owns the land, not your faction.

The Faction helped them fight the war to claim it and to keep it. They never had enough to do so on their own. So it was the Faction’s Territory. The way they are Keeping it is Exploitative. It breaks the Terms of Service. It needs to be addressed.

Then make your own company and declare war to them lol

I disagree, people have the right to choose who they want in their war. You shouldn’t of helped them if they weren’t truly your allies.

I don’t like the horrible community this game has. Factions aren’t automatically allies, factions shouldn’t exist. Do you pay each others taxes? Or does one company make all the profit while the others have shit land and are always unhappy? Lorded over by one massive company creating multiple alt companies?

It’s all good the land is covenant now, you can simply declare war on them and take it yourself.

They now have Thousands of Gold Advantage thanks to their exploit. How would I even stand a chance when they could just buy better gear than what I could muster to face them?

These Companies were Hiking up the Property Taxes and then reducing them briefly for their own players to pay their taxes cheap then re raising so everyone else suffered… So yes we did pay their Taxes. Sit back down Sir.

You sound like there is only you and their guilds on the server and no one else. Just team up with other people, if 20 people donate 500gold you can declare war.

And your gear argument makes no sense. I have full void set and didnt get a dime from anyone, you can get anything yourself.

No you didn’t pay their upkeep taxes or manage their city? You had homes in their city. That’s not paying their taxes, moron.

There is nothing wrong with a leader of a war removing people from their cities war, even if they have 0 people, they don’t need to let you play, its their city, not yours you have nothing to do with it.

-.- You gotta be one of the people involved if thats your take on this. If a Company switches factions and blocks players from fighting in a war for the original faction for a territory before dissolving the Original Company after the ensured victory, they are Exploiting the games mechanics and Breaking the Terms of Service, End of Story. If you support that or make excuses for it you are no different than them.

How? It is there territory not yours?
If they want to be Covenant instead of Syndicate, why can’t they bring their territory with them when their company which owns the land (not the faction) swaps over?

Upkeep would have been paid with Property Taxes. 900 Gold every 5 Days from everyone but themselves is plenty to pay everything and they had Reduced Taxes for owning the Territory…so who is the Moron? Literally everyone else on the server who does anything in a Territory is paying the Taxes of said Territory. Daft fool. You really think they were farming enough gold to pay it themselves? They couldn’t even defend by themselves. They needed Faction and then spat on us when they Swapped. Traitorous actions will never be forgiven.

You are the moron. You didn’t click pay taxes, you didn’t click upgrade. You didn’t upkeep the territory. It’s not complicated. Doesn’t matter how much actual tax you paid to the city for using services there, are you actually that stupid?

If the Developers wanted this to be in the game, then we would be able to Swap Factions while still within our Company through a Mass Transfer. Clearly not in the books.

If the developers didn’t want the leaders to choose who they had in their wars they wouldn’t be able to kick people.
End of this discussion?

No but clearly you are. They pressed a button. The Gold came from me and the other players. Fucking get out of this post. You are not helping and clearly know nothing about taxation and game mechanics.

Bro just get gud