3 hour downtime to patch 2 bugs?

Agreed. I heard even though property tax has been majorly decreased, companies still get the normal amount they would if it wasn’t decreased. So these companies are maxing the property tax gaining mad money while property tax is decreased. --sidenote–Is that not considered an exploit? But yes 3 hours downtime for this is ridiculous, did the same thing last night…so basically two days in a row I don’t get to play. Thanks Oba…AGS.


I don’t know how 7am is bad for Europe. I’d rather it be in the morning than during peak evening hours.


yeah it sucks 5pm for me.

Tbh dunno why they didnt patch out turkey same time as christmas patch came in for less downtime i spose more chance of issues but i think we have downtime in 2 days for christmas patch then down time the next day for fixing bugs lol

The developer takes care of our eyesight and your back. daily! 3 hours of gymnastics, go ahead!

I’m not even logged back in yet and I know I’m already missing all my lumberjack gear


Where did you see this?

My eyesight and back? Yeah they bend me over every chance they get so it really does wonders for my back. They make me come to the forums to read a 2 sentence update so I guess it helps with my reading.

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LOL, thank you, I needed that laugh!


I think most of the people are done with this game :roll_eyes:
It feels like that Ags is confused and they don’t know what to do with all this people asking for nerfs and buffs and fixes.

Nerf mage / gauntlet
Nerf axe
Nerf this nerf that :rofl:
Before we know we have musket rapier wars going on trying only distancing each other😂

It’s not so hard to make all the weapons equal and let the players be players :wink:
Instead of testing mechanisme…

And introduce more bugs

Is the downtime gonna last for 3 hours?

Could be ten minutes could be ten years with this company.


I noticed that too, looked at the payroll for one of the settlements in the game and theyre pulling in 100k when upkeep is only 30k so thats 70k left over. Hopefully its been used to upgrade the town and not line their pocket

08:00 to 11:00.
Sorry to you that yours is worse. And it clearlery is.

the point is, why is so complicate to schedule that from 02:00 to 05:00


Downtime is to replace bugs not for fixing them ^^

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I live in Siberia! Maybe I should kill a bear in real life for the sake of its skin and send the developers a trophy for Good Luck!


This, out of all the things you guys couldve said you were working on you choose this.

The turkey will be replaced by reindeer or snowmen lol sorry snow “people”

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Non Binary Snow Ball. Get it right.

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How sad u must feel… grow up already, your life will carry on, even with a 3hour downtime - maybe spend the time doing other stuff u have to do at a later point anyways. Just a tip. You can ofc also use your 3 hours, whining and adding to the negativity on the forums, that would suit u well! :slight_smile:

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