3 hour downtime to patch 2 bugs?

You’re replying to people on forums on downtime so your life must be as bad if not worse off. Get bent.


if you’re EU Central player, you surely remember the “2 days offline for 3 hours, plus another 3 days without tradeposts” incident that happend a few weeks ago, which also was caused by a miserably failing bugfix for compensation for a bug in compensating housing taxes.
So get your popcorn, sit back and watch what will happen the next days, perhaps we should start placing bets on when the servers will be up again (in a playable state).
My guess: not before sunday

This guy tho xD I’m prefectly fine thx! Just got off for christmas holiday, cheer up! :smiley:

It’s 9 in the morning, what’s wrong with it ?

you do realize there is more then 1 timezone in the world rigth?

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half a day lost, on a day off?

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I am sure they don’t share all the story behind, fix the fucking game for god sake and stop taking our time and money for no where.

fucking right!


Imagine waking up wanting to play to find out YET another maintenance is on. And clearly not for a dearly needed update, but rather to fix things they fucked up AGAIn.

Hilarious. I wish I could quit this piece of trash game already.

What day off ? The fuck.

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That’s actually really fast… Do you have any idea of the number of databases, computers, systems that are affected when you do a patch?

Clearly, you don’t if you think 3 hours is a long time.


I’m actually full blown sweating from when the next PTR rolls into the update. The quantity of potential bugs that could be smoothed out but never does, before rollout update. Beginning to lose trust in the level of competence this dev department has. (accidentally linked this as a reply to someone elses forum response, had to quickly rectify that lol)

this is gonna make me quit, the richer get rich…
and here i am barely getting by and these mega companies are even making real money off of it. so unfortunate… its not like ags will take the gold they made away lmfao or give the common folks any type of real compensation like the ones these companies are holding.
why didnt they think of this?

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I think they check on which servers you all are at and time this kind of patches just to show you how much they hate you.

Like “when are they coming back from work? Yeah, let’s just patch them into oblivion and watch their rage!” After all it’s the only way for them to fight back all the abuse on the platform.

Must be something like that.

/sarcasm off


Do you have reason to believe this or is it something you just came up with?


Lets just hope theyre fixing the dupe that is clearly going on atm.

don’t be such a snow flake

Addressing 2 things is not various. How about the rendering issue when you fast travel? How about the chat bug where you have to log out every hour to fix? How about chest not giving you anything? How about the 1k other issues that this game has that is more pressing then a 3 hour downtime to compensate people.

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