3 hour downtime to patch 2 bugs?

cracks that are becoming more apparent

After last patch chests have become invisible when I TP to a new zone forcing a relog. Everyone I played with yesterday experienced the same issue. We were clipping through rocks and getting stuck in objects near Mangled Heights. Sirens Stand walkways were bugged as hell and people were falling through them. I think there are much bigger issues they need to focus on than a few players who missed out on some gold. 3 hours is a ridiculous downtime for that.


This exactly what is going on at my Friday day off since the game start,

  1. I wake up and get my face ready for a good gaming time
  2. Prepare my cup of coffee
  3. Log in
  4. game down.
    ill change the routine to be as follow:
  5. Ill be waking up and turn on the PC, login and check the game, if its work ill do the rest.
    Stop this shit now otherwise you will be claimed for this shit!

Dont worry when first big update comes, servers will ne offline for 1 week, and then they will need 3 weeks to fix all bugs.


yet we all keep coming back

We completely don’t understand and we have no more Patience.

Give us our money back, and after you fix your shit build up system you used, we may be back.

mass refunds

i could care less

This will be a true Story…

3 hours is minimal maintenance length


why can you just do the downtimes in 2am - 5am per time zones for the servers? less people will affected, but doing it like 6pm night times for 3 hours is fucked.


Prime time for being in school or at work.

patch 2 bugs? kinda are they improving the said 2 bugs but not fixing? well if hope they are not planning to add more

I doubt …

100k playerbase from about 500k is yes we all coming back, im lvl 49 for a while. Havent played since trading post got truned off for a week.

Give us our money back already.


Why not include the new glitches to houses/chest after yesterday’s update? :grin:

Was wondering where the big turkey went. 2.5 mb patch… wow.



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How about they put that in the patch notes…