<3 new armour skin

Thank you!


Oh gosh, what is that D:!?

Twitch drop.

I got the one they dropped yesterday with the grey capes, but i don’t have this chest. What is it @_@

I just got it but it looks very different.
is it depending if you’re male or female? (or body1 and body2)

AGS, wee need this


Yeah, my twitch drop doesn’t look like that. Has a furry collar…

This is what mine looks like, the hat/gloves/top

that’s the one I received as well…

I guess is new instance armor skins.

Hi sorry for the slow reply.

I should have called it “loot appearance” instead of skin, to avoid confusion! It’s from the new expedition, just a random stat loot drop. Mine has bearable but not great perks, so I’m going to have to run B&B a lot to get a good one! :grinning:

The peg leg armor appearance is also pretty awesome.

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