3 Stage - Fresh Start Servers

Programming Resources ≠ Development Resources :clown_face:

LMAO, those 2 terms are used interchangeable in the industry. Any sprint software or ticket tracking site - same :slight_smile:

The beauty of all this is that you’ve done a fantastic job embarrassing yourself here with your utter lack of knowledge and resorting to insults. The fact you don’t understand programming resources and development resources are one and the same is icing on the cake. I regularly refer to qa, testers, infrastructre, pm’s, dm’s, automation engineers as programming resources or development resources interchangeably as well as does everyone else.

Have a great day.

Thanks for posting this, but it’s probably in a wasted effort. It’s been brutal seeing how many people talk about the “branching” of the game or “development resources” since this fresh start server thing started. Everyone suddenly starts to care about how much ags is spending on servers?

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I take the liberty of reposting the post because no victory for the moment AGS still refuses to confirm that we will have the right to new departures without possible transfer tweet of 4 days ago :

Hi! Thank you for your feedback. We’ve been sending players’s requests for fresh start servers without transfers to the devs but we can not confirm yet if this is going to be the case.

It would be great to see players returning and new players though.

It would be great to see players returning and new players though.

Let’s not leave anything for the moment!