3 Things that kill the game

  1. Expertise
    Most players like me got everything on 600 since months, but I know that 90% (probably more) of the new players will quit after finding out about the expertise system. If you want new players simply remove it. There is no reason to let it still in the game, only if you don’t want new players.
  2. Desync
    I hate it that I still have to mention it after almost 1 year, but desync is by far the biggest pain for every active player. It became somthing completly normal to die in a dodge animation. I can’t tell how many times I got stunned from spear/hammer 1 second before I could even see the animation.
  3. Constantly changing the meta
    Listen, you can’t remove a meta from a game by changing the current every month. The meta changes in this game soooo many times and ppl still run with “meta” builds. This hard root nerf just made all the root player switch to sns/hatchet to 1 shot ppl with perma stuns + root until death. Doesn’t feel much better and needs even less skill. I wonder when they will even nerf stuns also. Roots were completely fine, just had to nerf 2-3 abilities…

I just did a write up this morning about fixing desync. I agree it is a huge issue.