30-day period for server transfer

Last month, it was said that the 3-day server transfer period would increase to 30 days, in January.

If transfers can now be made once in 30 days, when will this be active?

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The server transfer cooldown has been already increased from 3 to 30 days, So from now on if you transfer your character to another server you will have to wait 30 days to do it again.

You can read the post from our official webpage with those and more details:

If this changes in the future we’ll update you in our Official news section : )

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@Firus Thank you for the information.

The announcement was published 1 month ago, I had read it. I have news, but at the moment we can still transfer every 3 days. I guess it hasn’t been updated?

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The cooldown was increased to 30 days in the update 1.8.0, the day that we applied those updates.

If you or some players still have the cooldown transfer on 3 days it can be related to a possible issue/bug that has to be investigated.

Update: Hey @Jr.Hawkeye, after a research on this I found that the 30 days were temporarily reverted until a later time this month:

My apologies for the confusion, I hope this information clarify your doubt,

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Will it come in February? It’s not clear if there is a 30-day cooldown or not?

At the moment we are working hard on it, we don’t have the exact date when the cooldown will be changed to 30 days but as soon as we get this information we’ll be sharing it with you through our Official News section.

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