30 Day transer cooldown has a major, game breaking flaw

I understand why a higher CD on server transfers is needed and I think its a good thing.

However, I think theres a huge problem that comes with how these CDs work.

lets say I have my main character on nysa and my second one on barri and my company wants to move from barri to nysa. I have to transfer my nysa character off nysa to get my barri account on nysa. Now i have to wait 30 days to get my barri account to nysa OR i have to delete my nysa char which i worked really hard on. This cant be right?

Please AGS, look into this. Let us at least swap characters at once. Even if it costs a little more. Id be fine with that. Id rather pay more than being seperated from my company for A WHOLE MONTH. this is such a long time in this game. This is like what? 15-25 wars? Just insane and i can see people quitting the g ame over things like that. No one waits a month to be reunited with their friends.