+30% Gathering Luck bonus flagged Is FAKE

I got a lot more rare items before the update, and now with this 30%, I haven’t gotten a single rare item in the skinning in half an hour. SO ITS FAKE

Or the other adjustments they made to luck made it so that you don’t have the same odds as before.

Just to be sure, are you using skinning gear and skinning food?

Having transparent luck would help in these situations

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Not necessarily. The issue before was in how the luck is applied/calculated, not how much you had. It would have been the same numbers now and before the patch.

it is still depends on luck, so if you are lucky, you will get more. if you are unlucky, well what can i say.

30% is not a small number It can be felt

The issue before was that the luck was not calculated correctly, and the odds of various items were all screwed up. Maybe the luck you had was enough before, but now you need more.

It’s 30% more of some value. If it was 1% basic it’s like 1.30% rn. Not that much still.

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Right now I have a 65% chance with flag …

I mean, the patch literally deleted a bunch of peoples gear accidentally so it’s not far fetched to think it might just be bugged and not working correctly.


Farmed a ton of Orichalcum this morning. Flagged w/ full mining luck gear. Not only am I getting less Orichalcum overall. I am not getting any gems, nor am I getting Tolvium/Cinnabar.

It feels like, while they may have increased the luck by 30% if you’re flagged, they decreased the base luck you have by significantly more. It legitimately feels like I have less Mining Luck.

Mining in Ebonscale w/ faction control buff as well.

Something is either really really wrong with Luck, or they just decreased the base luck we have by way more than the 30% gives us.

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I have the same problem in Skinner and I get even fewer rare items than before, although it should have been more.

As far as we know, we can’t calculate the luck bonuses accurately. If your gear gives 35%, the flag bonus might be multiplicative, so you wouldn’t have 65% but about 45.5%. If the order is reversed (flag bonus first, then multiplied by gear luck), then you would have 40.5% instead. If it is additive, then you would have 65%. if you add food in the mix, then it’s another batch of calculations to do…

All right, the problem is that before the update I received more rare items

And apparently, that was due to the faulty calculations.

they said they had a problem with t3/t4 nodes and luck hot zones. I wonder if they didnt have the same issue with t5 nodes, but didnt notice it.

Many people claimed for t5 nodes less luck was at times ideal.

this occurred to me reading the patch notes pretty early.

I went along the standard route with elite chests and an active pvp mode and so we are … they are deceiving us! loot is 4 times less than before the patch

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I farmed 30 min ori after the update and got 19 tolv 10 cinna and 2 void…

u farm with flag on ?

what was your total gathering luck before and after, include food and housing bonuses