30% Gathering Luck is as much as x2 Major Trophies which cost at least 50k to get

His comments are a bit hyperbolic but your inability to look past that for the spirit of the message is pitiable too.

I don’t get bullied by PVPers because I don’t PVP or play games where it’s not an option to avoid PVP.

I’ve seen, and been friends with, people who do enjoy PVP. I’ve heard straight from the horse’s mouth from many sources on many occasions details of how/why they like PVP, world PVP, non-con PVP, etc. A lot of it is basically bullying/borderline toxic mindset type shit. They don’t really want a fair fight, they want to pubstomp a newbie. That’s just the reality of some people’s experience.

That is a possible solution, although I’d still argue that PvP-flagged should have a higher amount of luck than what is possible for someone un-flagged. Lots of players enjoy both PvP and PvE, but they’ll switch off PvP if they have a particular goal in mind - i.e. gathering, since they’d rather not lose “efficiency” to dying etc.

Having extra luck would allow these players to enjoy world PvP whilst also not feel as if they are losing out of quantity of gathered resources etc.

You can turn it on. Get that luck !

If your not turning it on, then you don’t get the luck.

tl dr;

It’s not scary. It’s annoying. And to a PvE player who enjoys wandering, questing, harvesting, etc. it’s perceived as griefing. The casual PvE player just wants to be left alone and not get harassed by other players.

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No one is gonna attack you if your not flagged. The drop rate is the same for you.

Way more pve griefing than pvp in this game over harvestables currently.

All of you people complaining about it being an unfair advantage should take the time to read and try to understand the following before making fools of yourselves even more. Maybe, just maybe, you will understand what those 30% mean:

And because Im feeling nice, here is below the relevant part:

Thanks for your questions and feedback regarding our luck system! We’re happy to provide more detail here as to how the system works under the hood.

There are two ways we interpret luck:

An overall scale that you can think of as a ratio of when things occur or a percentage chance to occur.
A relative scale that has a movable odds range based on other values we add into it.
Things like enemies and searchable containers use Method #1 above, where anything in their drop list can occur, and your luck stat increases the likelihood of you getting the less common items in the list. In New World’s loot model, drop tables are divided up into overall rarities, with rarer groupings of items living “higher” on the roll table than more common items. There are entire sets of items that drop less frequently than other sets, and equipment is a great example of how we do this.

There are collections of equipment that live at different general probabilities: a “Common” set, “Family” sets, and “Elite” sets. Rarer still are the more context-specific Expedition sets and Named Items. Common items have the broadest possible perk roll variety, Family sets have slightly more narrow perk roll variety and a higher chance to roll perks, and Elite sets only come from Gold-Bar (elite) enemies and have narrower perk rolls and an even higher chance to roll perks. Expeditions items almost always roll some perks, and Named items come with a pre-set selection of perks that don’t roll.

Luck doesn’t increase your chance to get higher gear score rolls or roll more perks, but it does increase your chances of seeing item drops that have higher chances of rolling bonuses.

Gatherables (but not Fishing) use method #2 above. As your Luck stat increases, it gradually enables new items to drop from the tables. This means that if your luck values are totally unmodified, there are some items in those tables that it are impossible for you to obtain without a bonus. This is particularly useful for “AND” tables, or tables that give you more things as they roll higher. If we were to use this with “OR” tables, it would actually decrease or even eliminate your chances of getting items in the lower roll ranges of the table (so we don’t do that). We set up these tables to “open up” more as your base luck grows to avoid inundating lower-skill-level players with less-common items that they would have no use for until progressing much further in other, relevant skills. We also use it to plant little surprises and new things to find as you level your gathering skills!

Additionally, we don’t use percentages in our data notation, we use integer-based roll ranges to apply probability weights to the chances of a specific thing dropping.

For instance, let’s the roll range on regular tree is 100,000 (because it is!), but somewhere above that range, say 105,000, is a chance to get a fish (trees don’t drop fish, this is just an example). When you chop down that tree with unmodified luck, you have a 0% chance to get a fish. But if your luck was modified by say, 10,000, your roll range increases from 0-100,000 to 10,000-110,000, which gives you a (roughly) 5% chance to get that fish when you chop down the tree. If you only increased your luck by 5000, you would have a 0.00001% chance at that fish…but that’s why our luck increases from things like food and equipment are pretty chunky so we avoid cases where your luck value is “stuck” in an unfortunate “ultra low odds of a thing” state.

With gatherables in particular, increasing your gathering skill adds base luck to your roll, with Level 200 granting a total bonus of 2000 to your base rolls. There aren’t any cases in the game where not having a luck bonus will prevent you from getting an item as long as the associated Trade Skill is at 200. You can use food and equipment to further increase your drop chances, or even enable some items to drop for you “earlier” in your progression!

Thanks for the interest in our luck system! It was fun to answer it. See you in Aeternum!

If you’re not PvP enabled you’ll be exactly where you were two days ago.

Well exactly - it’s annoying for the most part, you die, you get harassed, people chase you… The extra luck is not worth turning on your PvP for. I really think this is a non-issue for people who purely enjoy PvE.

Having a decent gaming PC and high speed internet is having as much as 100 people in third world country would earn in one month.
Unfair. I dEmAnD SeRvEr wIpE. DeAd woRld.

I’m just gonna plop camps down religiously now and still use harvesting gear while pvp mode is active for massive luck increases, if I die, who cares

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Yeah I feel ya. I hate this when I am playing other games as well such as PUBG or fortnite and I just want to absent-mindedly wander around and gather things, and then some GRIEFER comes along and griefs me. What the hell man.

Just unflag you knob. The whole point is its a bonus for those willing to risk it

Voidbent is good but it’s not the best. I also got 3 voidore within the last two days with just mining gear, t5 food and 3 small trophys. It’s not as hard as you think

This explains a lot, doesn’t it?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Chills, this gave me chills, i love a good kick in the teeth of a pve player in the morning.

I was going to over analyze this as several of the above did. but im going to just leave you with a simplified analysis .

“Less QQ more PEW PEW”

Love the change BTW

Its 30k, read the dev notes on luck

So wrong with trophy cost. I totally seen them going for a hellofalot cheaper lately.

These dudes think if you die in the game you die irl and its actually hilarious.

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Sounds like a great reason to PvP flag to me!

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could you please guide me to a Dev post where is clearly stated that 1% is 1000 points in luck? I can not find it.

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