30% gathering luck PVP is overkill

I am just grabbing my popcorn RIGHT NOW!

How many people really want that open PVP … 5-10%? Several loud players just have to keep spamming to promote this unwanted change while nobody really wants it. But yeah, satisfied players wont make you 10 reddit/forum posts a day. Common sense.

It’s going to look like this:

The majority of the player base will feel behind because 30% luck is simply overkill. Pve players will die often and quit/give you some nasty feedback.

Servers with HEAVY faction imbalance: Good luck farming when 90% of server pop are purple. Which is basically my server, so this is freeB for me. Cant wait to read posts from people who cant farm because the big faction will clear it all, making them quit.

Sooner or later, they will nerf this luck % down again.


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