300 con Grit vs 300 Str Grit

I guess it would all depend on how it’s implimented. I can’t really count on it not being broken somehow though lol

The difference between a tank and a Heavy Armor bruiser would be Carnelian Gems and a Shield. I don’t see that being a good difference.

We need more tank BiS items to push for.

Having Con Scale stamina would assist with Tanks Dodging Dmg. At the moment, 1 Dodge = 50% of your stamina. I agree with the idea of Stamina regen and scaling for tanks.

Only tough on Dps in PvP and not PvE. A good tank should already have aggro and not allowing dps to get interrupted when attacking.

Maybe they can change it for the Sword and Shield Tree to have Grit on Abilities & LA/HAs. This would make an easier fix and a faster fix.

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Thats how it is now. You can clear upto m4 or so maybe higher with 4 heavy dps and a healer. Theres no need to push for more dfensive tools when their overkill now in current meta.

Imo - bosses need to be more tankable and less prone to pushing tanks around or jumping arou d. Hitting non shielded player with cleaves and attacks needs to be more devestating than it is. Perks need to be introduced that favor countering this increased damage directed at tanks that requires or encorages full con at least 300 con to tank end game.

We need better perks that are tank centric. Increase effective armor when a sield is equiped. A version of keen that icreases threat by an aditional 100% after a crit for 10s. Another that reduces the cooldown on taunt anvilities only by 6% each light heavy attack. When struct by an attack deal 10% of the damage taken every second for 3 seconds. Ect.

The 10 point defender perk should grant grit so ir cant be abused by dps sns and so there is solo value to that perk since we dont gain the reduction ourselves.

Having Grit at 300 Con would encourages tanks to run 300 Con, Which would in turn also stop tanks from being pushed around like rag dolls.

Maybe a Fortify after each SnS ability used as long as a Carnelian Gem is used. This would stop the Dps in PvP from using it. Threat is fine as long as we have Grit. Because we wouldn’t be tossed around against adds. Don’t really need Taunt reduction CDs if you are using refreshing move.

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I not sold on grit for tanks it provides offensive power when the class should stand out defensively. We want grit so we cant swing for damage and treat but really we need more survivabilty tools and creative threat generation that wont imbalance tanks in pvp.

Add a reflective threat generator when we block.

  • Succesfully blocking an attack generates a moderate amount of threat.

  • Damage aborbed by fortifies you apply a siginifcant amout of threat.

  • Regreshing ward can have the internal cooldown removed but only refresh carnelean activated abilities or creat a Refreshing Carnelean Ward.

  • Add grit to defiant stance so we have it while being defiant.

Grit is meant for tanks not to be tossed around by every add in the game.

Reflective Threat while blocking, defeats the purpose of Dmg Threat generation. This would make it for a tank to Taunt and just keep Block up.

This means it would work for Shockwave, which would have ppl crying in pvp.

300 STR with ATK speed bonus? That’s for DEX, you should get something else, like some interesting CD reduction plus some stackable empower with critical hits that would make the 300 STR investment worth much as currently is the Grit thing.

300 Con should provide some “steadfast/grit” combo, tanks can’t be tossed around like ragdolls. They should be able to stand ground for at least 5 seconds with a brief reuse, this has to be verified anyway to avoid bodyblocking abuse such as it’s happening now on Genesis but if a tank stands his ground, there shouldn’t be any way to fling him,

300 DEX should give ATK Speed, not STR!

300 STR having 5% Damage buff and 5% Attack speed isn’t good?
Hammers and Great Axe’s are slow. The speed can benefit them. Also having 5% Damage increase would be pheneomenal.

300 Con needs the Grit though.

Rework both STR and CON

200 CON gain grit
250 CON a Resistance to Stuns and etc, 10% more armour
300 CON Resistance to Bleeds and ect, 10% more elemental resistance
Also the Defense tree for and needs adjustment should have more cc or utility. Defense Formation 100% needs a rework or make it a passive skill like Leadership just tweak the numbers.

300 STR gain 5% strength and 10% attack speed

200 CON + GRIT will give GRIT to any class, anyone can reach 200 with no greatly sacrificing any other stat.

GRIT has to be the ultimate bonus, but reworked for tanks to a more steadfasty build, not only when using skills but to stand their ground properly.

I still think that STR should not have speed but empower stacks.

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In General we need a rework and the only way they will listen to us is via Forums posts and continued support by standing our grounds.

why isn’t it right?? thats your opinion. I think the perks are fine honestly as a tank i run 300con just fine. what they need to work on is taunting tbh only 1 real tuant in the game with like a 40sec cd

A CM just saw my post on 300 str grit. hopefully it gets sent up for review.

Ty for part of inspiration.

This is becoming more and more useful for melee heavy groups in mutators. It would be interesting for it to extend out further but offer less protection the further away you are.

Taunts are fine learn to weapon swap.

Sns with hatchet or hammer is enough taunts. Espectially with refreshing ward and refreshing move.


There’s no reason that your CON stat should give you a combat buff like grit.

You should actually tank instead of trying to be a 15k health DPS player.
There’s no need for you to have extra grit since you should have a warhammer on your back, and when you try to poison the well with “oh grit just makes strength builds mindless and easy” you are showing an incredible bias towards an outright incorrect idea.

You guys need to stop trying to nerf strength builds with this fake altruism stuff. You aren’t doing this for the good of tanks, and nobody is buying it.

You got a CM to respond to your 50 posts of back and forth nonsense because they just look at metrics like “responses” without looking at the context of it being 2 people talking. This is a dumb idea and you should actually go tank if you want to tank. Stop trying to be a DPS player.

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Makes no sense on Con because it’s GRIT it’s for Melee attacks only.

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it makes logical sense for con only because you have to be tough to grit through the pain.

Buuuuuuuuuuuut i wouldnt make it a 300 perk

it should be 250 make it a choice between maxed out more damage (assuming big damage buffs to replace the loss of grit) vs more consistent tough guy stuff.

if a melee int even joined the roster then str dex and int can have access to grit at the cost of damage.

Anything that would reasonably replace 300 str grit and make sense as part of the main melee DAMAGE stat, would prompt even greater cries from people who can’t seem to understand that a giant axe or a giant hammer should be deadly.

Armor Pen?
High additional melee damage %?
Stun on heavy attacks?
Stamina damage?
block breaking?

All of those would have people crying that the devs love GA more than X, and it’s overpowered, and they all would make perfect sense when strength builds are meant to be the main damage output melee archetype.

At least grit doesn’t give us more damage or make it so you cant dodge or block.