300 con Grit vs 300 Str Grit

i mean if you arent getting knocked down from a clean sweep then you are still doing damage vs someone without grit that would just be on the floor.

id argue you are getting more damage vs a equal opportunity target that didnt have grit. (not to say anything else about grit)

Yeah I agree, I tank 95% of the time these days and I have to pay up to go back to strength when im travelling around solo because I cant do enough damage as a Tank and I dont have grit so im flung around like a rag doll. It sucks that tanks get not as much love as the huge damage dealers. Esp with Rafflebones coming out soon I doubt any tanks will be in the wild anymore

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Just gonna comment, it does give them more damage. I think it was 8% then they get damage reduction and empower during successful hits.

I have Defiant Stance, I have Shield Bash, Shock Wave. Those are 3 Taunts. I also have refreshing move on my Sword. This reduced the CD of the taunt as well. The CD of the Taunts aren’t an issue when played correctly. But being smacked around by all the adds in the game as a TANK? that is just terribad when it comes to game design.

As a tank, you are suppose to be the beefiest guy in the group who can take a beating. Not the guy who is getting knocked around.

300 CON grit doesn’t do much for tanks, so using us as an excuse makes no sense as it will not stop us from being moved around by mobs, that’s not what it does.

That’s a completely separate issue that CON based grit won’t fix. I agree with you though and I hate being in full heavy with a tower shield and getting shoved around.

So heads up, Having Str is meant to make you what? Stronger? Hence I’ve stated that 300 Str should get a 5% Dmg increase and 5% Attack speed. Where as all other dps need to focus on where they are standing and dodging, so should STR Builds.

Grit for tanks isn’t meant to be for high dps. But do reduce the amount of time you are being tossed around.

I’ve Tanked all 3 Mutations with success at M-10. I have over 5 Builds that are all 625 GS
1 Tank build, 1 Dex Build, 1 Str Build, 1 Healer Build, 1 Dex+Intel Build. I’ve played almost all builds at M10 level which would tell you that I have as much as experience as I could possibly get.

I have been speaking from a PvE perspective because I have reduced my PvP time to run mutations recently.

I am not interested in doing the Max Dps as a tank. I would like to be tanky and that means not being knocked around.

As a Str Build, I am unstoppable. Being able to stand there knowing you won’t get knocked around causes Melee Dps to stand in dumb all the time. Again. I have 5 builds at 625 GS all of which clear M10 content in all 3 Expeditions. It is not using Str builds as an excuse. You just happen to have the 1 Buff that you shouldn’t have had from the beginning.

Then how would you fix it then? As I have stated, 300 STR would need a 5% Damage Buff and a 5% Attack speed bonus. to make up for the Grit loss.

So if I understand you correctly you want to change what grit does.

I would happily trade Defensive Formation for a bottom of the tree passive with shields out, call it Immovable Object, that gives us significant resistance to being pushed around and not change grit.

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Bump. Great idea.

Don’t want to change what grit does. We want as tanks not to be knocked around when dropping our shield to generate threat by attacking.

“We” is me too, Meno. Grit won’t prevent us from being moved unless we’re always attacking…the instant we stop there is no grit effect.

in fact, it won’t be 100% of the time, however, while blocking, we don’t get staggered from the front, while we hit, we won’t either, that is, this greatly reduces the time space / situations in which we will be staggered or pushed.

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The whole concept of grit screams constitution. Its how hearty you are. Grit is standing upto something and avoiding the stagger knockdown while swinging.

Were going to see a lot more 300str 200 con tanks when the shield patch drops.


I disagree, I see it as being strong enough to drive through an attack regardless of someone else hitting in during the process.

I can agree, that we disagree.


So you want to take minimal damage(high health) AND be unmovable?

300 Con applies Grit on attacks, 300 STR increases melee lunge distance by 50%.

Everyone happy?