300 con Grit vs 300 Str Grit

Before we start to discuss further, My Thread is mainly in regards to PVE, The notion of giving an extra 5% Damage buff or a Damage Scale of 2% per hit stacks up to 5 times is mainly for the Melee.

Tanks is most Cases, PVE or PVP are meant to:

  1. Annoy, Stagger, Interrupt, & Stun Heals and other players.

  2. They are meant to either take the Damage or protect other players by reducing their damage.

If you do not run into tanks that do either, I am sorry for your loss.

Stop sounding dumb. Do not make any assumptions. I’ve probably played more MMOs PVE & PVP than you have… “See how assumptions sound dumb?”

I main a Rapier in one of my 625GS Builds remember? Yes they are insanely powerful and probably the most under rated Weapon in the game at the moment.

So I watched the 1st minute of that video because I do not have time to watch the whole thing… Can you explain how anything you’ve said made any sense? Where can GRIT have helped there? If you had the dmg increase instead, then the healers wouldn’t be as much of an issue.

Lets keep the conversation Civil. Before I start to fire back as you do.

look dude, let me tell you the importance of grit

First consider that Grit has been removed
Imagine you’re in the OPR and you’re at war around the CAP (10v10)
You hit your 1st skill and you continue with normal hitting.
It’s impossible for you to continue there because you will constantly be subject to the Knocks skill.
first he will send you out of the battlefield with WH Clearout, then a player playing Spear will put you in an endless loop with the Sweep-Kick-Perforate combo (thanks to his CD reducing abilities) and you will die with a nervous breakdown :slight_smile: isn’t it enough? Hatchet: Feral rush Bow:PEN Shot GA: Reap SnS : leaping strike, shield rush, Reverse stab IG: ice spike musket: Sticky bomb New class blunderbuss : Mortar, blast shot, splintinge
In short, all of these abilities will destroy the abilities of the melees and put them on the CD, and the melees will die before they can exist.
Now you’re asking because these abilities are already affecting us :slight_smile: I’m not saying it doesn’t affect us right now, but Grit blocks some of these abilities used, I can say 35% of it, and I’ve experienced this with my Spear build, it’s a terrible situation. CAP combat feels awful even with a flexible like Spear. slow hitting classes are no longer playable

Add diminishing return to your script and we’ll start to play a real good game !
It could be great, lets think about it, people will have to play in way to be more scattered and less compacted on point.

As melee player myself, i can confirm that the grit perk from attributes is broken.

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Imo full 300str perk should be removed, its completely unbalanced. But if its not possible then putting it on 300con is the next best option., but even then its still needs some balancing, like put an inner cooldown on it or something.
Honestly I dont care I just want the 300str GA meta to be gone.

Ga/wh isn’t meta because of grit lol is because of their abilities doing a cc damage combo

You’re right, but it makes it even more stronger

Is meta cuz other melee sucks, spear and sword and shield need buffs xd. Cyclone on apear tree need rework this CC should be removed is more annoying than helpful, also it should grants total cc immune while casting, knocking down skill I dont remember name should ignore all cc immune resists. Only what is good in spear are perka imo spear has the best perks in game.

So I would like to counter that with War Hammer and Great Axe already having GRIT on their Heavy Attacks via Skill tree. You don’t have to spam light attacks. When you can do that with Heavy attacks.

The opposite can be said with WH Using Clear out, Shockwave, Wrecking ball.
The opposite can be said with Great Axe Using, OP Gravity well, Reap, Maelstrom.

I understand that you think Grit helps when it comes to certain situations, But these situations can also be countered by a lot of abilities and Grit on Heavy Attacks.

The only reason you might not see that, AND IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT, is because the game was released this way initially causing players to not think outside the box. Players are using what they have in hand to counter this at the moment.

Also why I suggested 5% Pure Damage Increase and a 5% Attack Speed or Haste to allow the Great Axe and War Hammer to strike faster.

I wish that they add a resolve system like SWTOR. Once you get stunned twice, you have a 5 second resolve of immunity to stuns, stagger, & Knockbacks.

2 Stuns = Full Resolve bar.
2 Staggers = 1 Stun in regards to maxing out the resolve bar.
2 Knockbacks = 1 Stun in regards to maxing out the resolve bar.
2 Pulls = 1 Stun in regards to maxing out the resolve bar.

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TBH, other weapons do not need a Buff. Reworked sure, but not buffed. Right now Str 300 Grit is slightly over tuned in comparison.

CON is a defense stat. STR is an offense stat.

Grit is an offense buff which has nothing to do with defense or constitution.

Stop trying to have everything and pay nothing for it.
You guys never seem to realize that tanks have no need for Grit if they aren’t terrible at the game and they have a hammer on their back. They will have grit with heavy attacks already if they aren’t incompetent.

This change would just make it so now there would be 300 CON heavy bruisers that you literally cannot kill and they’ll still CC you to death.

Think about the results of dumb changes like this before you constantly spam thread after thread about it.

If the 300 CON buff should be changed, it should be given a better DEFENSIVE buff like damage resistance or additional health or status effect resistance.

It has nothing to do with attacking, and you dont get grit unless you are doing what? oh yeah… attacking.

Your premise that the 300 con buff isnt very good makes sense. Your idea to gut strength builds for no actual reason so you can have what they get, is a ludicrous bait and switch.

If you actually want to be a tank, stop trying to play as a DPS and take what they have.


What makes grit offensive in nature?
I can see why it would be offensive when attacking.
But why not give us grit while blocking? Negating Sundering Shockwave, all the bull Ice CC as well. You’re already losing movement speed while blocking so it wouldn’t be overpowered imo.

Also dude, chill down.

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This is Fair.

This is not True. Grit is a Buff that allows you not to be staggered or knocked around when using LA/HA. Having the ability of not being knocked around or staggered is defensive not offensive. Don’t use the play on words. Shame on you.

So saying that 300 STR should have 5% Damage buff increase and 5% Attack speed or Haste is paying nothing for it?

I hope you aren’t stating I am a bad tank… Because I have cleared all 3 Expeditions as a Tank on M-10… Also Use your own words against yourself. Grit on Heavy attacks. So why would the Melee cry then?

They would have to sacrifice Dmg in order to gain their Grit. Which is the way it should be. You want to be immovable? Sacrifice your dmg.

Already thought about it, Yet you haven’t brought up a valued criticism as of yet. All you did was talk others down so far.

Then you will cry. A good tank doesn’t need it because M10s are already cleared with no issues.

Never stated Gut the STR Builds. But I stated Give them Either a 5% Damage buff increase, Or give them a Stacking Buff of 2% Dmg per stack for 5 Stacks per LA/HA lasting 5 seconds.

I have 5 625 Builds
Tank, Bruiser, Dex, Intel/Dex, Intel, Heals. Can you stop assuming? Makes you look bad.

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I explained why its offensive in nature. You just chose not to understand.
It applies on ATTACKS.

Grit doesnt happen unless you are attacking. EVER.

Attacks = Offense.

Shall I rephrase it 5 other ways or does that help you?

What would grit while blocking do? Prevent your block from being interrupted so you could block forever?

Yeah that wouldnt be stupid or broken.

btw, Grit isn’t just for GA or WH guys doing light attacks (which most dont)
It works on every melee weapon if you have 300 STR.
This is why I can tell you’re just trying to gut bruiser builds and you aren’t trying to make the game better for anyone but yourself. You can’t even seperate your hatred of bruisers from your supposed “ideas” to make the game better.

Your “oh give them a 5% damage buff” is just hilarious. Thats a 50 point buff THAT ALREADY EXISTS, and if you had all those builds you would know that.

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Thanks, Some people just do not know how to have a Civil Conversation.

Can you read to me what the Grit buff says? And explain how that is an Offensive buff?

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1: my 300 stat buff is too weak

2: I should get that other one from those guys, since that seems strong.

3: yeah we’ll give them one that’s so piddly it’s already only a 50 point buff in place of their 300 point one.

4: rinse repeat in 40 threads all over this forum until you maybe break the game.

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Blocking forever? Ig you didn’t see the tutorial at the start of the game. Emphasizing HEAVY ATTACKS to break someones block… check yourself before typing.

So Tanks do not “Attack”?
Tanks Do not need to “Attack” to generate threat?

Attacking as a Tank while holding 4-6 Enemies and getting knocked around is normal for a tank?

So having a 625 Bruiser GA/WH build means nothing to you? Gah.

This would be an addition to current available buffs. If you have been reading, you would know that.

In its essence, Grit is a type of attack that makes players temporarily unstoppable as it prevents short staggering when a character is hit, which normally interrupt your attacks and other actions. This is indicated by a white or gold aura, a glowing effect that appears around a character when they’re about to use Grit.

temporarily unstoppable Seems like a Tank feature.
prevents **short staggering when a character is hit Seems like a Tank Feature.

You keep saying Offensive. But I read Defensive.

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Here’s the real telling statement.


On one hand its “OH WE NEED A BETTER BUFF!”

and then on the other, “YOU DONT NEED IT”


“Oh we get knocked around by 4-5 mobs” “But we can clear m10 no problem”

Cognitive dissonance, or outright liar?

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Sad to say that you do not care for a conversation. Go talk down to someone else in another thread. You are in no way shape or form having a Civil conversation.

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