300 con Grit vs 300 Str Grit

I repeated your own lies back to you, and Im now “talking down to you”


Go to the next thread and say the same stuff over and over.

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Just because a Tank can Clear M10s at t he moment, Doesn’t mean that the game isn’t broken in its core. If the STR Users never had Grit to start, This wouldn’t be a conversation to have. But because you have been babied by AGS from the start, the Cries are coming out.

You lucked out that the head developer Mains a STR Bruiser build.

What lies? Please repeat and say this is a Lie. Just to be clear.

And there it is.

The bruiser hatred, coupled with the statement that undercuts every single argument you make about why tanks supposedly need Grit.

Not only do they not need Grit WHICH THEY ALREADY GET ON A HAMMER HEAVY, you are literally just trying to break strength builds because of some whine about AGS making it easy and babying strength builds.

Thats your own words buddy.

I dont have to make anything up. You’re providing the proof.

This was never about tanks, and you admit it.

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And 300 STR “Bruisers” also already get Grit on Hammer AND Axe Heavy…

So your point is???

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So stating that you got babied means I have hatred against Bruiser builds? Bro you literally have issues.

Safe to say that STR Users do not need Grit as they already have it on Heavy Attacks.

Stating Grit is wanted by tanks to reduce the knockbacks or staggers whilst generating aggro means I have hatred for Str builds?

You are so terrible. Stop pulling phrases out of context to apply your logic.

My point is readily discernable from all those posts above that you neglected to read.

This is a stupid change if meant for good reasons, since it doesn’t do what it purports to do.

In reality, its not intended for good reasons, and actually just an attempt to bait and switch the devs into breaking melee DPS builds.

You can see it clearly in the facts that:

Tanks DONT need grit (they already get it if they need it)

Melee DPS users do need grit or they get knocked all over the place and cant do the thing they are meant to do. They would never be able to use light attacks effectively, taking half of their repertoire of attacks out of the game.


Tanks arent for attacking. Melee DPS builds are.

Shall I repeat it more?

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I quoted your entire post. Not a “phrase out of context”

That’s also something that you can readily see by reading the forum posts above.

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Shame on you again for assumptions.

Says you. Every tank says differently.

Again another assumption. Why break Melee builds? Already a broken mechanic for STR Users.

Dps DONT need Grit (They already get it if they need it)

LMAO. Read what you are saying. Who gets attacked more? Tanks or Melee? Tanks get knocked all ove the place and cant do the thing they are meant to do. AKA Generate threat. Tanks are meant to be the sturdiest not the Str users.

LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO… How does a Tank Generate threat?

Please continue to make a fool out of yourself.

You have also not read said post because it has nothing to do with what you have said.

I play tank. I don’t need grit.

I don’t even need the grit on the hammer heavy attacks which I already get as a tank, but its nice to have for Chardis.

You can taunt and hit mobs with attacks to generate threat in between their attacks just like you’re supposed to, and grit will not help you do that.

Lets double back to the earlier statement that I didnt even make:

Why would I cry? Because he thinks Im a bruiser and he hates bruisers. He also already clears m10s in the current system. But he really needs other people’s grit buff for “reasons”.

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Bruisers get hit with attacks more any day of the week. They have to be in melee range to do the only thing they do. They also GET HIT WHILE ATTACKING regardless of grit.
Grit does not make you “sturdy”. This is just people trying to reframe grit as some sort of defense buff, and it is not one, as you can see by the fact that it applies to attacks while attacking.

Nobody except for a handful of players, plays TANK in PvP.

In any given group for PvE, there will be more melee dps than tanks.

So… in both game modes, more melee dps guys are there, and even if they were getting hit the exact same number of times as tanks, that equates to melee dps guys getting hit more than tanks do in general.

Its pretty simple math, and it makes what you’re saying untrue even if we ignore the fact that you can tank by taunting and then backing away so you aren’t getting hit. Or you can BLOCK? You know… that thing shields do amazingly well?

Melee DPS cant attack and then flee or hold block in a sacred ground and still be doing their job.

You dont need Grit to generate threat. You do need to occasionally time a block, and use your taunts and land some auto attacks all of which are pretty simple to do.
If you’re getting knocked all over the place as a tank, you should maybe try a tower shield and getting some stamina.

Then, dont just hold right click. You have big stamina and health to use to soak up attacks.
Two different pools of resources you can use to stay alive while also blocking the things that do tons of damage. It’s actually painful for me to have to explain this when people are supposedly 625 tanks who clear m10s.

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Opinion. Which is great because we are looking for Ideas.

So you just stated tanks in General do not need Grit then.

Hit mobs with attacks yet continue to get knocked around and unable to generate threat? come on bro. Grit will help with that.

If you’re getting knocked around with a tower shield, you’re bad at this game.

You literally just want to slam on mouse 1 over and over to land hits and generate threat without anything stopping you, the very thing you people say is brainless play from bruisers.

I have real doubts about your 625 tank who clears m10 claims if that’s the extent of your ability to tank.

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So Melee gets hit more than Tanks? Bro What type of tanks have you been running with?
Sturdy = Not being knocked around like a rag doll.

This is where the mistake is coming. This fix is for more than PvP. We are talking PvE here.

LMAO. NO WAY? you being for real? Tank still the one who holds aggro. Tanks get him more than Melee in PvE.

And My Dps Don’t get hit more at any point in time, With the exception of Void Droplings or fire circles.

Already using a Tower shield with Hearty on my Ring and Sturdy on my shield. With Hated on my Tower Shield and Weapon and Despised on my Earring.

Already using 17k Health and 109 Stamina. Trust me. THis is coming from a player who has played MMOs since 2003 with endgame progression as the main goal in each MMO Played.

Would you like to join our Discord tonight and watch how much of a PHENOMENAL TANK if not Sayings like the best tank in Game is being said?

Just because I make a suggestion that does not go with what you have in mind, Does not make me a bad tank.

I look at the big picture whilst you look at your build.

My build is a tank. I have said it repeatedly and you continue to ignore it.

You have 17k health and you need another advantage to stay alive while generating threat?

That’s not good bud.

You apparently cant do the math with how PvE groups tend to only have 1 tank, 1 healer and then a combination of 2-3 dps.

1/5th of a pve group is a tank. Usually 2/5ths of it is melee dps, unless its dynasty mutation and then we run a bunch of ranged guys.

Both have to be in melee range getting hit and 1 < 2

Your appeal to video game authority is hilarious as well and doesn’t refute 1 being less than 2.

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But it only gives advantage in mass pvp not in 1v1 pvp.

He’s conveniently ignoring the GIGANTIC PVP change in his posts that this would represent in favor of some PvE related nonarguments.

If we go back to the original post he says

And yet he wants it on CON so tank builds can be mindless clickers with 17k health and 3 times the armor that others have.

The whole argument is supposedly “oh grit makes builds mindless” and he just wants to switch who gets it, while “forgetting” that it would gut every single STR based pvp build into only having it on slow easily avoided heavy attacks.

Who was hurt by STR builds being supposedly mindless in PvE? Nobody but mobs.

I don’t buy it. This is mr 5ea 625 builds. He’s not confused or forgetting.

It’s just a sneaky attempt to hurt melee DPS and you can see it in his inability to stop insulting STR bruiser gameplay even when it supposedly would have no affect on him (if the argument were PvE based).

He even keeps ignoring the fact that I’m a tank to try to paint me as some bruiser thats just trying to keep their “mindless” “advantage”. It points to this thread not being about PvE at all.

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You could argue melee DPS already gets Grit if they need it MORE than “Tanks”.

There is no Grit in SnS tree. There is Grit in Warhammer Heavy and Grit in GA Heavy. Those are primarily 300 STR Melee DPS players weapons. So they already get plenty of grit spamming heavy attacks…

What?! Melee DPS players should be attacking BEHIND targets, and using things like Dodge.

How do you think Tanks keep aggro? Yes you have taunts, like Defiant Stance, Which is a 40 second CD. Its “hard taunt” is for 6 seconds.

You swap to Hammer lets say, Shockwave, Great now thats on a 12+ sec CD, with 6 seconds of taunt.

If all you do is Taunt/Block, you WILL lose Aggro to GOOD DPS players. I see it all the time. I will taunt, and 6 seconds later a mob takes a B-line towards my DPS teammate… Why? Because I didnt hit THAT mob after I taunted… You need to pepper in attacks to keep aggro and not get “knocked all over the place”.

Honestly if a melee DPS is getting “knocked all over the place” they are doing it wrong. The TANKS are the ones who should NOT be getting “knocked all over the place”.

This is pretty silly man…