300 con Grit vs 300 Str Grit

Not staying alive. Do not put words in my mouth. I’m talking about getting knocked around.

What does that have to do with Tanks Holding Aggro and keeping your DPS from getting beat on?

Don’t get what you are trying to get at. Not saying anything about authority at all. Just stating the fact I’ve been playing MMOs and their endgame content for a while. So this suggestion isn’t coming from a Newbie.

I didn’t say you taunt and block only. Anywhere.

You apply additional threat by swinging your sword in a very fast 3 hit attack chain which applies slow, in between the mobs attacks when you will be displacing, or dodging, or soaking the hit with 15-17k life in your health pool…

That sword has high attack speed, you can stack many perks due to how SnS perks work, and you also get amazing lunge distance.

Since you generally only have 2 taunts, you even have a 3rd skill for doing damage and applying threat, like leap stab or reverse stab. You can also use heavy attack stabs which connect very nicely and break pve shield mobs down.

You have all those tools and you still want to steal from the melee DPS guys for “reasons” none of which make a tank anything other than a “brainless” clicker.

The downside of GRIT is that you take damage to your face the whole time you are standing still having GRIT. You only get it while ATTACKING, which means you will be mostly stationary and unable to block or dodge.

If you combine it with 300 CON, IT HAS NO DOWNSIDE.
You can now soak the damage with your giant health pool, ignoring the only COST of grit.

I have now repeatedly explained this, and people continue being unable to understand that things in the game, come with costs. Thats how you balance stuff.

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Very true. Reworks need to be done nonetheless.

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the coolest thing is that, although he clearly hates the idea of ​​moving grit to con, he is mainly responsible for keeping this post always in the “lastest”, increasing the visibility of the agenda.

Thank you dear hater hahaha.


Visibility does not an argument make.

Being loud doesnt mean you’re right. Volume isnt more important than logic and reason.

I have faith that the developers may be able to differentiate between loud cries and useful ideas.

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This seems like something the devs need to look into then isn’t it?

If you make this statement then you are saying that Dps are mindless Clickers right now. As most players have complained about.

Yet somehow everyone lands the heavy swings in PVP.

All PvP Players who complained about it on the forums.

Would you like to bet? Hop in discord later tonight and I’ll show ya.

Why would I want Melee Dps hurt when as you have stated, they make up 2/5 of my group?

Nobody is buying it. Just stop.

I didn’t make that statement. You did. In the OP.
I’m just quoting your nonsensical hatred.

Good job ignoring the gigantic imbalance that a mindless clicker with 17k health and heavy armor along with amazing lunge distance, would represent.

Also “most players” is something you are just making up. Its not supported by evidence.

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As a Tank, You get attacked by 5-7 Enemies at a time. Fast sword attack speed or not. 5-7 Hits at a time is still 5-7 hits in comparison to the Melee that doesn’t need to get hit if he/she is positioned correctly because the tank has the aggo.

Don’t forget a 3rd Taunt from your Off Hand when needed. With the right Weapon, that 3rd taunt can also apply Sunder. And About your attacks, you can be staggered or knocked back or down when using said attacks.

Do you really want to do with the tools that Melee have in their arsenal? Especially without having to worry about getting smacked around with a good tank?

Like a tank? When they attack to generate aggro? They cannot Dodge or block? LOL. COME ON.

towards 1,5k views!
more people seeing, more people identifying with the cause.



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Hatred for what? Stating facts?

As a Tank you count it as a Mindless Clicker, but as a DPS it is great?

Search the Forums. i’ve seen enough that I don’t need to prove it to you. Devs are suppose to get this info and they can search it up in their forums.

I really dont believe you tank since you keep pretending that nobody knows how to not attack when the mobs are attacking.

Its pretty easy to understand. They attack? You block or move.

You dont attack when they’re attacking.

What you are asking for is to be able to do just that, taking out the only time you couldn’t be generating threat from the equation.

You are begging in multiple threads to take from the STR guys so you can be the “mindless clicker” instead.

You want your cake and to eat it too. It’s just sad that you’re representing this as the opinion of actual tanks and effectively making the rest of us look bad.

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try to do this with 10 mobs hitting you.

better yet, try this in myrkgard or an M10

just try.

If you pulled 10 mobs that you cannot deal with, that’s on you.

I’m not going to explain away stupid plays.

If you accidentally pulled too many, have a dps try to peel a couple off and use movement to get out of the danger. You arent going to just hold right click and win.

PS: another post you tried to hide with flags because you cannot argue with the content.

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Why are you wanting to believe or not? I just told you to hop in Discord tonight and watch me tank :slight_smile: Why are you denying access? Just hop in.

Same said for STR Users. Oh wait. Nvm Tank is holding aggro, so you just Move.

When you have 5-7 Enemies on you, Someone is always attacking.

That is not what happened, I answered another thread just as you have hopped in and done so.

I would love to watch you Tank. Please stream it for us.

great argument, but please keep increasing the visibility.

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I would be happy if he managed to keep the agro

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I would love to watch how he tanks. I have offered to show him how I tank 3 times now.

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a god tanking for sure

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This kind of post is exactly why people are wise to the fact that you guys are trying to lie your way into a big melee DPS nerf by pretending tanks need this.

Its not about a good reason. Its about “visibility” combined with nonsense arguments that you can’t even support.

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Best in the game. LOL.

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