300 Con Milestone

Honestly, the 250 Con perk is damn near useless with a minute cooldown. I’m not sure it saves you in PvE as much as it sounds like it would, and in PvP it’s literally non existent.

Move 300 con Perk to 250, remove the 250 perk and give 300, “Stagger resistant at all times.”

Boom. Tanks are now tanks again and a level 6 wolf ain’t staggering you, neither is any other player for that matter.

The normal argument is give 300 con Grit on attacks, but don’t do that, just give it the hatchet berzerk stagger resist permanently.

Everyone says Heavy is weak anyways, nobody runs 300 con unless they’re heavy anyways.


Ags doesn’t care. They already provided light armor meta as the end all, be all.

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Absolutely, 300 con should have permanent stagger resist. Tanks should be tanks.


They would still have to change heavy armor itself. I run almost exclusively heavy armor and get melted in just about any kind of fight due to damage being so overtuned that mitigation is a joke.

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AGS too busy holding Dps hands to give a damn about heavy.


They should revert the 200 CON nerf. Lol

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Would be great. Got so used to tanking with 300str 211 con lol

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