300 focus perk needs to be reworked

“When your mana hits zero gain 200% mana regen for 10s (60s cooldown)”

This perk needs to be reworked as it pretty much useless.

Some people say it works when you hit below 5 mana, some people say it only works when you hit precisely 0, but regardless, getting this low on mana never happens because of the “Absolved” life staff passive.

“Life staff’s light and heavy attacks no longer consume mana.” Because of this passive, life staff users never hit below 15 to 20 mana. This means the 300 focus perk is entirely useless.

Personally, I like the idea behind it because the life staff consumes mana at an insane rate, but as it currently stands, that perk doesn’t serve any purpose.

My suggestion would be to simply change the threshold to below 20% mana.

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