300 INT Bonus update

Can we get a change to the 300 Intelligence Bonus to keep in line with strength of the 300 attribute bonuses?


Currently, it arguably does nothing for mages, the enemy must be 100% HP or they don’t get anything. So any burn ticks, or bleeds, or even another person attacking does not give any bonus.

The 10% reduction in Azoth cost is a bit of a joke now, with 20 Azoth cap per travel, and a fort bonus that allows free travel.

In Comparison:

Strength: Constantly active, and exceptionally strong. Saving both time and DPS.

Dexterity: Both perks are great for range users, and the guaranteed crit is still very usefull with a short cooldown.


We have asked for almost a year and nothing has come of it. AGS gives int weapons the short end of the stick.


FS/IG mage must tryhard to kill someone but die in 1 combo from any mele (300 str) class… - regardless of light or med armor
Someone in AGS dont like mages so we must live with that.


My guess is most of the decision makers at AGS don’t like mages. But that’s ok that they want their game to be unfriendly to mages. We mages have 4 other more populated MMOs where we can compete with melees and ranged classes. 4 out 5 MMOs for mage players to play is not bad at all.

People just need to stop trying to beat their heads against the wall. And just do what needs to be done to play a competitive MMO mage

Bump, it’s crazy how the 300 int perk is this bad this long after the game has been out, and then people from other classes come in to these threads and tell us to deal with it.

If this happened to bruisers they would lose their minds.


The only other options are to do something else, or whine ad infinitum in vain at the wall.

They really should swap 150 int and 300 int around. 150 is way too strong for off int scaling weapons like BB and Musket to be to using. It should be relegated to 300 int and buffed to 25-30%

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Already Suggested a change to this perk.

Mages should get

“your magical attacks ignore 15% of the targets magic resist and absorption” (exactly like it is in quotes)

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Sorry to break it to you but AGS don’t care enough to think about INT or changing shitty bonuses, they like lazy

What I think would be an interesting 300 INT perk would be the following:

Critical Hits ingore Fortify Buffs on Enemy and Weaken Debuffs on self.

This is actually what they do in some other PvP games to create counterplay to Buff/Debuff stacking outside of Cleanses/Purifies.

@Aenwyn @Developer

unfortunately, that would be really strong for musket users, and the developers have stated in the past that they dont want Fire mages to scale of crit.

Personally, i would like to see something simple like improved elemental resistance.

They don’t even go 300 INT.

If this was the case why did they create there passives:


Every single mage weapon seems to be designed around crits tbh. 50 INT is also Crit Damage.

incompetent int player trying to create a perception again
50 INT = +10% damage increase to backstabs and random critical hits *****
100 INT = +10% damage to light and heavy magic attacks *****
150 INT = +15% to elemental damage *****
200 INT = +10 mana after a dodge *
250 INT = +30% duration to damage over time spells *****
300 INT = +10% damage on first hit on full health target **

50 DEX = +10% chance to critical hit **
100 DEX = +5% thrust damage **
150 DEX = Dodges cost 10 less stamina *****
200 DEX = +10% bonus backstab and headshot damage ***
250 DEX = +10% bonus to random critical hit damage against stunned, slowed, or rooted enemies *****
300 DEX = Guaranteed critical hit after a dodge (can only trigger once every 10 seconds) ***

50 STR = +10% damage to melee physical basic attacks *****
100 STR = +5% damage to melee slashing and strike damage **
150 STR = +25% stamina damage from melee weapon light attacks **
200 STR = +10% damage on stunned, slowed, or rooted enemies ****
250 STR = Stamina regen is faster while performing basic attacks with a melee weapon ***
300 STR = Basic attacks with a melee weapon gain GRIT *****

(*-Star scoring)

judging from this person, before 300 it seems pretty unimportant hahahahahaa
Because of these people, the game is now in this state because these people are trying to fill the void created by their incompetence with OVERPOWER.
and AGS listened to people like this before and the game is drowning in unbalance right now (pvp)

please go and learn to play the game

note: i am FS/IG,BB Player :slight_smile:

well if you think a guaranteed critical hit after a dodge is all that great, i’ll trade the 300 dex bonus for the 300 int bonus any day.

I get what you’re saying here, but honestly since resilient and 150 con reduces crit to a point that any weapon that has 1.30 critical multiplier will do exactly the same damage without the crit, that bonus is pretty useless without vicious anyways.

That being said i think int does deserve a buff, same as dex (switch the crit for anything else) , or at least transfer the permanent grit (300 str) to 300 constitution.

Firstly, The hostility is completely uncalled for.

Where does this scoring even come from? Who gave it that score? Why did they give it that score? Just having stars next to each perk doesn’t explain anything as it may not account for bias and can be completely opinionated.

There is more to the attribute perks than just combat, what about their value?

Also, implying that I don’t understand the value of every other attribute perk in the Intelligence tree because I am focusing on the value of the 300 int perk is straight up BS.

The value of the 300 int perk (combat focus) is completely negated in group combat. Example 1: A tank walks in, pulls all the mobs, hits them once to build threat. What’s the perk going to do now?
Example 2: Boss combat: If the tank doesn’t attack the boss first to pull aggro, you will have other players attacking first. Rip attribute perk
Example 3: PvP combat: It is nearly impossible to get value out of it, you must lead with your highest source of damage (For me as a Fire Mage: Fireball, or Pillar of Fire), you lose all your damage if they manage to dodge an extremely telegraphed, and obvious ability. Now what? you’ve used your damage abilities, do you light/heavy attack them and waste potential damage you could never get back in the fight?
Ice Gauntlet Example: Only the first tic of damage from Ice Shower will be boosted, then it’s all gone, same with ice storm, and ice pylon, and Wind Chill. Where is your damage going to come from? Ice Spike? Pretty telegraphed if you ask me.
Void Gauntlet example: the moment you put down an oblivion, your perk is gone.

Question for you: If mage is overpowered, why do you see so few in Wars? OPR? Expeditions/Mutations? Is it possible they are outclassed by other things e.g. Hatchet/Greatsword in PvE/PvP content?, Muskets/Bows in PvP?.

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