300 int still has a terrible bonus

10% azoth bonus is not helpful pls change this to be like strength or con so I have a 20% or 25% chance to instantly gather a harvest node


Focus is bad as well. 10% CDR for inns, really?

Why not adding Grit on all casting spells ? ahahaha

That would be interesting if flamethrower did not exist

since we have thwarting strikes in our perk pool on mage weapons… + grit on meteor shower, i would say yes… xD

because i want grit on incinerate…

If incinerate pulled instead of pushed and had grit it would so much fun and fire staff would have some support utility

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But it has a really small range, I think it wouldnt be as useful as Gravity well etc

I agree but it’d still be more useful than it currently is and it wouldn’t be too crazy cause it has no root

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AGS taking notes.

further nerfs Focus

Now you can insta-spawn 15 flints at 300 focus. 3 hours reuse. Thank me later.

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Yep and int get boned.

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