300 territory standing in brimstone sands

Took around 1 hour to run in and out of town to t5 camp

had to craft lots of t5 alkahest

Thanks for the report! Can you post your character name and server? Moving this over to the bug reporting section for investigation.


no this is not a bug. i did this haha,
i was flexing .


Oh shoot! Well then I completely misunderstood this! Congrats on getting to 300 so quickly!


thankyou :slight_smile:

Congratulations :partying_face:

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needed around 12k hyssop for lv 20…

how much did u had 50million? :joy: :joy:

same for azoth water used around 1.1k …

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do the maths.
i didn’t use terri standing cards though.

112k Hyssop…

weird that i only got to lv 20 with 1.1k azoth water, while it took u 11.25k to get to 300

isnt it scaling properly?

i don’t know. i had lots of hyssop and azoth water. didn’t count how much it took for 300.

this is the amount of alkahest i made. take 2500 alkahest out of that and it should be proper amount.
2500 was already in storage.

hm… odd. like i said i crafted 1.2k ~ and just reached lv 20

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till 100 levels it should require way less mats. but after 100 it gets hard.

did you just craft alkahest?


still doesnt make sense to me…

yes only alkahest.

did you do that for all territories? Looking for a decent way to level the standings up

It takes 10 hyssop for each t5 alkahest so… 1.1mil hyssop…

that sounds sus… how do you even fit all the weight of the hyssop in storage??? thats over 100,000 weight in hyssop

yes, and you can craft t5 regen potions to make your gold back. i suggest you to wait few days to start doing it. atm hyssop and azoth price is high.