320 hours in the game. I'd like to discuss some things with the community and make AGS aware of certain problems!

I have enjoyed myself so far. I have 320 hours played and im 570 gearscore. I’d say i’ve experienced the end game sufficiently to speak on several of the bugs and the standing of the acceptable nature for the games buggyness. From permanently dying to pieces of content just not working like outpost rush and T5 Corrutped portals. As well as core quests being obviously bugged and nigh impossible unless with a large group. Lots of bugs so many bugs i could list them for a post that’d rightfully deserve a TLDR.

What i find troubling. as someone who’s come from games as badly published as black desert online and archeage online. The development team acted as a distant father figure that would rather ignore problems and push them far under the rug while pocketing the child support check every month then help solve the problems and evolve from the shit show they put themselves into. I’m currently getting that vibe from AGS, their patch notes are not only underwhelming but also nearly a week old from when they acknowledged half the issues. The last week patch notes 25% of them didn’t even take affect. They felt no reason to expedite any sort of patch in regards to borderline game breaking bugs.

I understand that they are doing weekly patches todays patch notes barely cover an inch of the shitpile of bugs they’ve concocted for themselves. Some of these big bugs have been around since alpha and have been reported on consistently and are still here.

Before anyone gets on my case of “how could you have played that long.” I am on valhalla… i have barely slept i am most likely the most geared player on this server. I did not afk besides eating and using the bathroom / small amounts of work. Proof Of Time played , More proof

I am not here to shit on this game. In fact i very much wish to see it do well. I just find that with AGS’s current patching behavior I fear without the consumers trying to keep the developers on their toes by expecting better patch behavior on bugs that have been reported on for many months now. The game may fail. I do not want this.

Please be constructive in your responses… do not immediately downvote me it is a sign of what is wrong with reddit where i wished to have a conversation you wish to dissuade me from posting because you are blind to the apparent bugginess of the game. I only wish to bring attention to these problems so AGS cleans it up for the better experience we all wish for.

From someone who’s being constructively critical. I respect the initiative here AGS as much as i despise the pandering to PVER’s i respect what you’ve made and im enjoying myself. Please do your due diligence and treat this game as though it were your very own creation and patch it appropriately. Thank you.


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