3:3 make a god damn SOLOQ and a TrioQ

Or just totally remove the entry for a Single Person.

Cuz this is BULLSHIT


Massive difference from solo queue to premade. Lmao. I’ve done both.

ye ofc, most people dont use ingame voice, so Premates have a huge advantage there aswell, since they allready start with Discord, planing how they play and are a team for longer then 10min 3:3

Yeah, team comp is big as well.

Most the time in solo queue I get mages and bow users that can’t hit shit and top 8k dmg a game. I’m the only Frontline getting slapped while they roll around and do nothing. lol.

Premade vs premade is fun as hell though.

Most premades slot a healer and it’s pretty much GG if you’re no healer vs a healer.

Game modes fun when it’s an even balance, but that’s 1/10 if you’re solo queue.

Better yet, couldn’t get a 3 man going so I queued for OPR. After the first zergfest in middle I pressed N and got kicked. Logged out. Lmao.


I played with a trio on the first day and it was boring as fuck. You know when you’re going against pugs, or groups with no healers. You win 99% of the time unless… well, pretty much never.

Give us a solo Q and group Q. Solo Q is way more fun when it’s 3 solos vs 3 solos, as opposed to people that run cheesey VG IG with Ice Pylon and Void Blade thinking they’re goof lol.


Premade vs premade when it’s 1 healer each team is fun as fuck.

No LS player queues solo. At least I’ve never seen one in solo.

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Can you blame them? :wink:


No. Lol. I hate supporting apes too. Was just saying.

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Oh, there’s a new type of cancer combo in game. Everyone in light armor, ls/vg, wh/ga, spear/hatchet. They can CC burst you down in seconds and you can’t escape them. Good luck


Hello AGS?

Skip, push, skip, push

I took a 2 month break from the game and came back to try arenas. The first few days playing arenas were pretty terrible. My group of randoms would go against 2 or 3 different premades trio and we would get stomped over and over again. At that point, I thought arenas were awful and Amazon messed up again.

I think most people would have stopped at this point. I, however, kept trying. Eventually I started to get into matches of randoms vs randoms, and it has been really fun.

I think with the current system (allowing trios to fight against randoms) is hurting their game. The damage might have been done already and it doesn’t matter at this point, but AGS should either make arenas solo queue only (until ranked comes out) or premades must fight only premades. This is something you should address sooner than latter, AGS. It might make the queue times longer, but it will be a better gaming experience for sure.

Arenas are actually pretty fun when it’s a somewhat fair match.


just make it 1v1 and who win stay mod, honestly they can add multiple arena mods, i am not sure they are sticking to the most boring one

100% agreed. Solo queue and pre-mades queue with the option to queue either/both would make things so much better. I’ve gone against the same pre-mades multiple times and got absolutely dumpster’d every time.

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I’ve queued solo plenty. It’s AIDS.


The 625’s towards the top of their grind run it in premades while people still trying to find their footing in PvP queue up. I’m 625 and never queue solo anymore because of how bad it is. So I guess I’m my first evidence. Lol. I’ll only queue up pre-made.

I’d give solo queue a go if it was solo queue and premade queue. Some servers couldn’t split queues like that, but I think that’s a server problem rather than game problem. PvP always lacks in medium pop.