3500 login queue on Nysa


To the point: Does the NW team have a plan so we can play without waiting in queue some hours every time?
I do know they informed us about which servers where most probably going to have queues BUT what is the general idea here? If the game goes well,as I believe it is now, there will always be queues? I really want a member of their team to actually tell us (if they havent already): Yes,this is how we want it to be,we concider it to be absolutely normal.
Lets say I understand the merges back when they happened but now this is backfiring for players because they obviously only thought how to save the game at that moment and now as a result you have (at least) a server with maximum capacity of 2500 online players and 3500 MORE WAITING OUTSIDE TO ENTER.
So I would like to know if the NW team has any plans for this(some not evolving me migrating to an other server again).
And I would also like to know what other players think about the situation and if im the only one thinking its absurd.

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