3h and ongoing maintenance?!

how the hell they can let server online with all these ppl abusing gold and buyng everything from trade post? and destroyng definitely the economy, wich is already broken

Do you think that AGS has access to all Amazon resources? Of course it doesn’t. No doubt it uses AWS as it’s hosting platform and also AWS for the DB, but it has to develop and administer said systems itself. I would be highly surprised if the databases weren’t backup up prior to the latest patch going live, so a restore would be required. If they weren’t backup up, the work involved in trace and roll back transactions would be immense. Assuming they get the databases back to the state they were in prior to the update, they still need to deal with the problem the update caused (excess coin being given) which may take some time and because they screwed up initially they’ll want to make triple sure it’s OK through testing. It’s NOT a quick fix.

No doubt after this debacle there will be a review of the following:

What caused the problem?
What testing was done to ensure problems like this don’t go live?
What procedures were in place to ensure ease of rollback?
Why weren’t customers given ongoing feedback of resolution?
How do they ensure this doesn’t happen again?
What can they do to minimise loss of customer base?

Customer service

The EU servers are definitely not guinea pigs. The problem is you have to start somewhere. And as @Kater said, it was asynchronous.

Unfortunately, you will never be able to please everyone. During the first maintenance work, one complained that EU was the last to go. This time it would have been good.

Unfortunately, you will never be able to please everyone. But you have to start somewhere, I understand that it’s super annoying, I also got 58K coins. And would have loved to play something before work. But we all want to see the economy intact and for that these measures are necessary. Presumably all items from the trading post were bought empty on the server.


I don’t understand how they can rollback just affected players?

What about those who sold ridiculously expensive items etc, much of the gold has already flown through the economy & playerbase.

I’m no programmer, but it sounds complex to revert every transaction related to the rolled-back players, and the transactions belonging to the people they traded with etc.

Well that is how I read their post, that this is what they are trying to do. I assume they think it won’t take that long or it would clearly be a false economy to try it in the first place.

Please read it again.

Also EU has been down for 3 hours Server Status | New World

EDIT: Misread it, NA status is:

No, they deployed yet another screwed up patch on EU servers first, after seeing the disaster they stopped deploying said patch elsewhere and locked up EU servers.

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I will be very happy when I see people stop making excuses for companies that certainly don’t give a damn about their customers.
I think many miss the point.
here the problem is the complete inadequacy of the technical and support department, and on this point we can do nothing but accept what is happening to this game, as it is.
if this were not the case, steam would not accept the ever increasing refund requests, now, although this will probably be the only aspect that will help some change within their offices, there are people who, in addition to spending money, have also spent many hours in this game,
and I think it is more than legitimate to complain about the superficiality of the work that we are seeing on the game.
I don’t think it’s worth taking a deep breath, but I sincerely hope something changes drastically.

I personally have only 582h of gameplay, and I’m seeing friends rightfully go away.

Concluding I think there is only one word that can be right for this situation.



Whats wrong with disabling wealth transfers again while you investigated? At least people could have still played. It was good enough for all the other bugs/mistakes. I wanted to love this game so much and it’s all FUBAR gg.

By reverting the transactions instantly on detection? Believe me every system these days can detect and report issues like that within minutes.
They just decided not to use it and rather let the whole region go dark and delay the patches for other regions. And this happened not at 4am on Monday somewhere, but in the prime time for that region. Very very bad idea to do it. Specially after everything they have done to the playerbase before like limiting wealth transfer, crippling an entire trade skill set (furnishing), putting the servers down during peak hours multiple times a month, you think gamers appreciate that and enjoy this experience? Hell no, they go open another game and uninstall New World.

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The biggest issue is why compensation was rolled out on the region with the largest player base first instead of on a smaller region to test it. Although even then it should have first been internally tested but when EU Central has 100k players more than any other region having something roll out there first instead of elsewhere to ensure an issue like this impacts the least people possible is just poor risk management.


Make a Patch (F#k all EU players) don´t tell anyone to shut down Servers and kill your own game. You are doing a great job, in destroying ur own game, thx for every AGS-Simp who replays to me. ^^ What the hell do u think would happen?! Never ever trust them… Jeff is makin money on our backs again (Just kidding!?) .
Get your sh1t together. I thought Wildcard is bad, but this is getting insane :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Why is it just the EU servers? That’s what I don’t understand.

Every player involved in a transaction made with that inserted gold is affected. From their post stating they are rolling back “all affected players” I assume they are talking about reversing every such transaction back to source and removing the gold.

Ultimately it’s just DB entries. They can be tracked and reverted. The only question is man hours involved.

Those maintenances takes forever, 5 hours now?

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Agreed. They shouldn’t ever do a mass rollout to the largest section of player base first, especially when they are resource light (during US night). I think they were just wreckless in underestimating the issues that may arise.

We are playing the game called “New Maintenance” what yall expecting ? Lmao


Already starting to annoy me, the constant shutdown of servers. Can’t be done once and, good? What a minute are you guys gonna shit like that? I’m waiting for Crismon Desert, and I’m saying goodbye to this game. You should announce a refund.

What they said in their post is just PR marketing my man :slight_smile:

The only time I can play this game. And it is downtime…

Is it possible to refund? I didn’t expect that when I bough game.