3rd Month Without Weapon Swap Fix

Been waiting on a camp fix since week 1.

Hah… how typical of an MMO to respond to players clamoring for content by adding more grind.

Hello? McFly? Anyone home? GRIND IS NOT CONTENT!

How sad that MMO players have allowed MMOs to get away with this BS for so long.


Tell that to the mods here that say
“What even is a grind?” And “content is content”

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lol Feb should be interesting.

We completely understand your frustration around the weapon swap issue, its actually a very complex problem with the way our code is structured. But we are actively working on it and have some fixes in internal testing right now. We hope to have this in the next PTR and then depending on the results releasing it with that update. This is a pretty risky change, however, so there is chance we have to work on it further and release it when we are comfortable with the fix.

ps Scot says Chessmaster 3-D is a masterpiece


can you please take a look at SET swap and wardrobe function? I already made a topic about it described in pictures and everything.


this is gonna be good. one way or another.


So the post says 3 month, and the answer’s talking about 1 more month to wait.

we have a total of 4 months to fix a simple weapon swap :slight_smile:


this is seriously needed as finding the right gear to switch to can sometimes take more than a minute of two since gear with different perks cant be recognized until you set your mouse over the gear and read the details of the gear, which is stupid.

Gear being able to be hot-keyed are kind of standard in MMORPG, but not here…

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Quick we need upgrade expertise to 625!!

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What about movement speed bug? It can be hotfixed by just adding a button or /command that resets the player’s movement speed to base value, but requires a channel of 10 seconds in order to use to prevent abuse in PvP scenarios.

Would you have a more efficient turnaround time on these things if hypothetically you were able to leverage the resources of a large parent company like, activision blizzard, amazon, EA, or the like? /s
I know you guys aren’t the corporate team, but it seems like you guys are working your asses off and could use the help.

Just let us swap weapons in whatever state, there, problem solved. Why every thing from you guys has to be so complex and troublesome?


Do you have any idea how complex programming gets in multi layered games with interactions everywhere? It seems simple to you because you have no knowledge of the intricacies and complexities of coding a program.


Every patch in New World is a risky change for the players. It’s either they fix the issue, exacerbate the issue, or add an additional issues.


Sometimes all 3 if we’re really lucky.


Swapping weapon has cast time. So when you get stagger effect during this cast time it become interrupted and you can’t swap weapons. But visual bug of weapon bar still exists (when it show wrong weapon active).

I HATE that so much. it ruins OPR for me sometimes when I go to use one skill based on what the visual says I am holding, and I end up using the skill of my other weapon instead.

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What I imagine SHOULD happen, is when you press your swap weapon key, it should queue that no matter what once your current skill animation finishes. so I can begin spamming my next skill key knowing that when my current skill completes, it will swap and begin my next skill from my other weapon.