3rd Party Map Programs?

I never used one, but I remember some debates about them on the forums a few months ago. Has there been any ruling from the devs on which ones are allowed and which are bannable? I started harvesting more, and would like a mini map if that’s available to use to use without breaking some rule.

You can have a minimap that shows your location in the world, but it can’t show any additional information (such as showing node locations).

Google ‘new world mini map’ by overwolf. They changed it due to idiotic changes in the tos. The changes actually make it much more useful. You can open it in a webpage on a 2nd monitor and it shows all the nodes on the whole map and your own location. You can use filters to only see resources you’re interested in.

This is a prime example of bad decision making and design on the part of AGS. There should have been a fully functional mini-map within their game. They failed to do so. Someone else picked up the ball for them. Also no it doesn’t break any rules. It runs outside of the game and only takes info that New World puts out to the map client. So when the inevitable idiots come in blabbing it’s against tos or whatever simply ignore them.


We all pretty well agreed that if people could just keep it up in a window but not ingame… they just would.

They didn’t ban anyone back when they had several hundreds of thousands of players, so for sure they won’t ban anyone now when there are barely 40k players left.

What you just said is just encouraging players to cheat and using a mini map that isn t in the game is Cheating in my opinion, i have people in my company that use the mini map and they exactly see where the chest and supply are all the time including all nodes that normal players wouldn t see if not beside them… so that make less ressources for legit players that have to search and reach for them.

Is this what New World AGS want to become ? Full of cheaters players ? We re going that trend :frowning:

Forget to say that these players are far away further in their progfression then legit ones again !

Cheaters always defend programs they use to cheat

“Aimbot only aims,it can’t fire or get into gud position”

Use the overwolf one. AGS isn’t doing jack about the bots, so you gotta help yourself somehow.

It s so sad to see what they ve done with their game… I am running around New World and it s so empty, territorial means nothing, universal of all thing is absurd. I knew so much PVE and PVP cannot coexist together. Either you play as a team in MMORPG Survival game or you play Solo into a MMORPG game doing all by yourself… this is none sense.

What s the point for Gathering Stuff ? What s the point for Flagging PVP ? What s the point for Weight if you can overweight yourself and still moving …
Overweight exist in a Survival game to warn you you can get kill by any one easier if you don t watch out…

New World became Carebear World to me :frowning:

Or maybe, just maybe, ur not the monkey and after farmed some place u remembers it.

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Lol ur so out of reality that u probabl,y dont even have 60 or something :D:D:D or stop taking ur granmas pills

Give it some months and im sure AGS will discover the minimap function and hopefully implement it.

More than 1000 hours played and more then 30 years from MMORPG … i won t list you it will be too much to you to handle :stuck_out_tongue: Even Amazon Game Studio don t have my baggage into video game industry !

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