3v3 arena feedback

  1. The starting time (1min 30sec) for first round is 30sec too long? if it couldn’t be reduced by 30sec, i think 1min 10 sec is plenty for people to connect and get ready.

  2. The wait time in between round should be a bit longer (current time 15sec). If you found out that you have equipped the wrong gear or wrong spec/wrong stats, the wait time is too short to change that and by the time it starts it puts you into combat disallowing gear change.

  3. Games should not be able to start without all party member accepting the invite. Sometimes a party member lagged out or afk, we ended up entering the arena without all the party members.

  4. Please allow reconnection to the game. Sometimes we are able to reconnect immediately after a disconnection but we are not able to rejoin the game and got the 30min ban instead.

  5. Please be more specific about the healing reduction % when fire starts closing in.

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