3v3 Arena Is Still Not Fun

I just can’t bring myself to enjoy 3v3s. The meta is bows, every single match. It’s to the point that it’s so frustrating to play 3v3s I’m very much considering going back to my “other” MMO that has actually good rated arena.

I WANT to enjoy small scale pvp. I’m seriously trying. This game is just not doing it in terms of arenas, which is what I enjoy the most.

How are you all liking 3v3? Is it completely frustrating to you all? I feel like skill is irrelevant most matches. If you see three bow light dex users on the other team you might as well just quit. Is there a piece of the 3v3 puzzle I’m missing? Should I come back when small scale pvp and leaderboards are sorted out? I’m frustrated with how good arena could be, but just isn’t right now.


Edit: Thinking on it, when I leave an arena with a loss it usually doesn’t feel like it’s because I played poorly and there’s a lesson to learn and improve upon next match. It feels like it’s because things are so poorly balanced and lop-sided towards particular weapons.

I can only talk about a returning players perspective that just reached 600 gs with a decent 620 bow and some cheap resilience gear from the market. I atm feel like skill is irrelevant because you can simply be outgeared. There are some beefy boys that i hit for like 500-1k with my bow and they come up to you with their big hammers and hit you for 5k with a heavy attack. I feel like playing against 3 melees which are right up in your face and push you fast is incredibly difficult. Once they get to you, you are dead. Maybe i’m just not good enough yet, but so far i didn’t feel like bow was that much of a problem in 3v3 arena.

Yeah with the loadout changes good luck after a good melee catches you.

I can’t put my finger on it but the small scale pvp is missing something. Tactical spell and ability usage to counter offensive pushes is missing perhaps.

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