3V3 Arenas need more rewards compared to OPR

Arenas are far superior first off
it needs equal reward. wheres my faction tokens, a chest, etc. you BARELY even get salt from it as well… at 85 PVP track and buying stuff takes so much.

OPR is 15-20 minutes for a match, and 3v3 is 3-6 minutes.

If 3v3 gave the same rewards as OPR you could get 6.6x the rewards in the same time as 1 OPR game. This is why it doesn’t give the same rewards.

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no. more rewards. i want it to be equal if i did equvialent of OPR because opr is literal garbage.

in reality i want the comfort of playing any other mode, and getting equally rewarded. not necessarily same stuff, but 3v3 are still if not more competitive/ difficult then oprs.

I wouldn’t say more difficult it’s just 3v3 1 life TDM. Get a couple friends together, a healer that knows wtf to do and you can dominate random queued people, not that hard at all. But I would say 100% more competitive. This is a fact. 3v3 IS MORE COMPETITIVE. So I think they have been talking about Leaderboards and a Ranked mode for 3v3, and this will compliment the more competitive nature of 3v3 arenas.

But to give the same rewards that a 20 minute OPR game gives for a 3-6 minute match is crazy talk.

BTW I am someone who mainly plays 3v3/OPR/Open World so I’m not just some PVE dude commenting on a PVP post with a doomer mentality.

Yes arenas need much better rewards so more people would play it

it is more ‘difficult’ with 3v3 teammates that may not know wat they are doing. i know i can get far more frustrated. None the less ithere is no harm in more rewards. I didnt same same rewardsa as in SAME exact. similar rewards as in the same type of rewards. Also if yotur good, you get rewarded. once again there is literally no harm for the extra green item that will just get destroyed.

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