3v3 Review and suggestions

Now I am like a lot of people who are not sweaty PVPer. I don’t win duels and have high ranks in opr. But I do like the 3v3 system. The Idea itself is good but needs a bit of polish to get better. The ranking which I know is coming(can’t wait to fight my own skill level) is the first needed adjustment. The second is the reward system, as it stands you get 250 PVP points for a loss. The change I would make here is to give 1 PVP gear to a loser and 2-3 to the winner on top of the current score or a chest like OPR. It is hard to win when you can’t get better PVP gear. People keep crying and talking about nerfs and such which some things need help like being hit from behind with a great ax when you blocking and they are in front of you but the ax head reached behind your character on a standard attack. Outside of that, I want to see different locations with more landscapes to navigate.

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