3v3 the dead game mode

Please make 3v3’s rewards actually worth the time.

I enjoy the arena game play, but no one queues up much these days because its not worth the time.

And please dont nerf other ways to get track XP to force people to do 3v3, just buff the rewards to people want to do it.

AGC likes to nerf everything people are enjoying (cleave PVP missions) to force us to do under played content. just make everything worth while, rather then making us play the lest crappy options…


Add some cash and umbrals, not much but just a little treat
and do loss 500 win 1000 pvp xp


Umbrals should be increased everywere … I will nearly hit 2.7k hour and this is boring as f*. When i saw i can loot 50 shard in a dungeon chest I was kinda happy and made me try again this. So imagine if i could trully upgrade my stuff with arena and OPR or openworld … it would be a good start.

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indeed. Getting mostly T4 potions packs and lousy faction tokens. Such a waste of time

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Maybe you are on a lower populated server but on mine there’s an abundance of umbral shards to the point that I see their devaluation coming.
You easily get them from daily Gypsum, Mutators, chest runs and such.

More than 3/4ths of this game’s servers are low populated or dead. And AGS is going to charge a $15 fee to be able to continue progression on these servers.

They deserve everything they got coming to them. All the hate, all the bad reviews, all blacklists. This game is walking the same exact path as ArcheAge walked. The only thing AGS needs to do is, resell New World as New World Reloaded. And it’ll be the carbon copy path of ArcheAge. I give it 2 more months before New World have less than a peak of 10k concurrent players. Mostly bots and RMTers left.

Yes I am.

And now, guys on my serv are transfering to a populated one to sell crafted item and they even come back with ressources to get x2 or xX price increase.


If you mean people selling them sure lol. Otherwise its a solo acquisition process and what others do has no bearing on a pvp players accrual of them.