3v3s coming soon, best news yet!


Surprised they went with 3v3 instead of 5v5 but 3v3 is good. should be fun on the bun.

iv done some company 3v3s inhouse and they are a blast.

a lost expedition… sick better buy up lost trophies and lost potions before they get expensive.


Im just happy its gonna be coming hopefully next update

They got the power to turn this game around but if the bugs and dups dont get fixed the game will never succeed

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The game had a horrible start, the exact opposite of our expectations, but month after month AGS has been doing really amazing work. I’m really glad to see how things are progressing.


its not fallout 76 levels of bad but its BAD.

its not to the point it needs an ARR but we will see.

but glad to see what they are FINALLY work on.

What is missing from the road map is a new OPR map or mode hopefully they have a smaller scale opr mode coming

Nice sherlock, of course they’re gonna be fixing bugs as well.

I still prefer Outpost rush, so nothing interesting for me.

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Hey Einstein, they been trying to fix bugs and dups and they keep coming, if they arent ever fixed the game wont succeed.


Why not bring 3s and 5s. Would appease to the majority.

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3v3 is a good start they can add more after they see how atleast 3v3 works out



im fine with them starting at 3v3s. thins are going to be interesting at the very least.

lets just see how long it takes players to break it and make it unfun.

The big question is how they will handle healing. Not just life staff (but definitely life staff) but also pots and food.

lots of questions to be answered for sure.

im going to guess that

  1. its going to be a copy of opr.
  2. it wont be single elimination but instead probably team death match
  3. as its going to be a copy of opr, its going to be infinite ammo, not infinite foods and consumables (it really should be)
  4. there is probably going to be 2 fort entrances probably with a shop for buying opr specific stuff and a nice sized arena with chest high walls and pillars and ramparts to mess with
  5. might end up using battle tokens instead of pve stuff (i hope)
  6. they wont deal with healing in anyway shape or form. they will play it as is until people complain and will most likely buff plauge or add 3 new perks to the bloated perk pool that deals a LOT of anti healing.

thats my guess anyway.

Awesome to hear you’re excited for arenas! I’ve been seeing this one suggested and wanted for quite a while :eyes:


yep cant wait to try it out.

needs to be cross server else same people will play against eachother all the time.

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3v3 is cool, but they should also implement a 2’s bracket, 5’s and a solo match.


Guess ill be seein you in the arena :smirk:

Of course. :crossed_swords:

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