3vs3 arenas, unrewarding... and after 40 arenas 0 rewards? no gold, no loot boxes. WTF?

Why u put arenas so unrewarding? this game is like u cant have fun with anything. i was so hyped for arenas. Now i am near leave the game. Ty another time AGS.

  • PvP perks rewards Soulbound?? seriusly? pss…

use em for craft > not bound anymore

The same, i am near to leave :frowning: , i wana play only arena … but …

You have Great Cleave quests, man. There is no limit kek.
Madness. New activity is limited at 20-25 matches (will be 40 later, but now it’s not).
Please remove/limit pvp track from quests and make arenas unlimited.

cc @luxendra


the fact is game has seriusly lake of content and all of us have all content burned as hell. Why AGS force us to play only some arenas and grind another time the same content we grind for anyear? seroisly they want us to do the fucking pvp misions? why i cant do all day arenas? instead of PvP misions? game is badly designed, if they want PvP outworld they must put real and serius content like caravans, world boses etc etc etc. Not force people do x content grinding. AGS u think that your game vision serius is liking players? u are doing always same formula since start. Launch game with serius lake of content, solution put expertise. After months, same lake of content solution more expertise till 625 (same content buffed with mutators) after months one dungeon and after months pvp arenas . And u are free to cap arenas? seriusly? to do the same content we did by a year? pls… stop and if u want outworld content work on it in real features that people encourage to play. Not forcing grind shity pvp salt and XP is your solution for all? make people grind our bored content forcing it? because u cant put funny features that make people enjoy outworld PvP, exploration, fort capturing etc? LeL.


Hard to give any rewards for arenas if they last 3 mins … they best option would be gear loot for defeated and only option …

easy an outpost rush last 10-30 mins son 20 mins an arena like 50-10 mins put a quest if u won 3 arenas (i mean won) outpost loot boxes and gold also give you if u lose. So a quest if you won 3 arenas give a loot box and gold. its the fair price. But right now are rewardless till non sense. Mans

Hmm good idea tokens to exchange for 5 arenas sounds good. If only wont be another stupid gold generator like OPR then it will be good.

Because i like pvp.

SOOOO fast to stop the “DURRRR FORT WIN TRADING” shit yet pvp progress HALTS when you play too many arenas while there is little movement by AGS on this front. Can these clowns do something soon man?

So you only like to pvp when there are good rewards? Doesn’t sound like a hardcore pvper to me.

PvP 3v3 right now lack of motivation:
-No ranking-
-No loot boxes and gold like outpost rush- Put a quest that each time u won 3 arenas that gives same reward as won an outpost rush. In competitive servers win 3 arenas is hard and feels soooo unrewarding at time.
-Remove absurd cap and let people play their own- in this aspect its clear AGS knows that PvP outworld, forts and PvP misions are in alpha state and need LOT of work here, so put a cap to force people to play more PvP styles instead of let people enjoy what they like is a big mistake. They must focus in fix make fun the features to make player go because is fun instead of make players go to X content because u are forced.
-Remove the Bind in to PvP track rewards, give crafting mods soulbinded is a non sense, if people that like to PvP refuse to have trophys, crafting gear, mats etc?? how u give rewards that force to be 100% crafter?? is absurd. I want to have full fun of my PvP rewards and i will not farm leather, phoenix, asmodeum, trophys, crafting gear, 200 skill in armoring? seriusly? Is like each time u want to do an armor piece u need to win an arena is like wtf are u doing ?

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What you are talkling dude? Im lvl 15 on pvp reward system where like 70%+ of progress i made by playing arena and i haev 8 nice legedanries in my storage.

I’m level 6 and got my first named legendary pants. I think rewards are fine.
But Arena cap is strange yes. I’m not reaching it, not even close, but still…
Mods bop? Hmm, not a fan of it.

That’s a first iteration, gameplay is fun, rewards is OK. Cross server is important, same with separate solo and pre-made queue.
When that is done, ranked is next. Ranked with extra special rewards.

the worst part is it is capped on the number of arenas, so if theoretically lose 40 games, u don’t get any salt…

trust me… if you lose that many times you’re gonna have a shit ton of salt XD just not how you’d think I suppose…

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There should not be any gold for 5 mins content … enough inflation generators.

T’he fact us, once you have names gear… That is meh… What Will you do? T’he only think profitable is crafting mods, but unless you are crafter u cant use It. Imagine Dungeon crafting mats like crafting papers deoped on dungeons were soulbind. Non sense. Same with PvP. And gold reward i mean about win 3 Arenas not one. Si time os same as play one outpostrush. Is fair because an outpost cant bé. More profitable t’han arena. Also arena cant be more t’han outpost. But right now outpost give umbrals, gold, loot boxes, salt,PvP XP. And Arenas nothing , only XP anda salt psss. AGS drop a bit of sense pls

I mean if you lose 40 games out of 40 you kidna super bad. Dunno how this looks from other players perspective but im all the time close to salt cap and have to buy rewards i don’t want just to not hit the cap.

Arena 3v3 is not ready yet in my opinion. There are still some lacks and unfair advantages.

Premades teams of 3 should be queueing only against other premades.
Randoms should fight against other randoms.

Why to give OP rewards for a easy abusing game mode?
So far at current situation, premades have 99% chances to win against all randoms.