3x3 design flaw

Hello, I’ve noticed that quite a few people on my server want to enter the 3x3 pvp mode, but we’re all unable to do so due to a perceived difference in level.
If that is an experience where all players have their level set to equal, why is that no one can join this mode?
And if the levels are not set to be the same, why don’t you do that? Despite the gear level difference, players should be allowed to enter the pvp mode at a low level if that is what they want.

Yeah I agree. Its a lot to ask a player to sink 1000 hours into the game just to start being able to play pvp in any fair competitive sense. It definitely would turn alot of people away. And how is the “noob” supposed to practice PVP, if he is not able to until end game?

I’m not saying they should make the game easy, but atleast have a pvp mode thats balanced for all levels, so the noobs can atleast get some experience in and get better.

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i have been attacking this point lately, and i talked about it some months ago. The third perk creates a massive gold demand to be competitive. The best solution to this is to create a system to allow people to swap perks for azoth. This will remove this and create a “balancing” mechanic. It will devalue that gold spent, but it will not invalidate it. The perks will still be used, it’s just that anyone can now go swap to the same build with azoth.

This problem also impacts wars, such a chance would bring about massive game-wide balance.

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You made some really good points and took the issue I mentioned in much more detail. And I couldn’t agree more.
If someone that’s just starting out wants to pvp, make a system that allows it to happen.
After all, it’s not by chance that we get a quest in our early levels to do so, but I’ve been queuing up with no success despite people in the global chat doing the same.
This system needs to be revised.

people act like the 3rd perk is not a massive deal, but freedom is huge, the CC reduction or other perk are just massive massive massive.

lets assume full BiS gear,

you have full resilient, and full freedom or full shirking fortification, that’s a 50% reduction in stun duration, (10% per piece for freedom), and the ability to hit fortification cap easily by yourself just by rolling around.

Who makes these perks that completely invalidate having healers/supports, and makes them so powerful that it invalidates most CC ???

Golden scarabs will help but game is on a massive loot/time sink that only the incredibly wealthy get to enjoy.