4 hours downtime

its actually 5 already, they updated and said they need to extend for an hour…

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They turned me and my musket away at the zoo - something about a respawn bug currently :rofl:

It’s now 5 hours:


Of course it’s frustrating to have a 5 hour maintenance break, but I’m really grateful that they’re updating us in real time, sharing when they think the game will be back online.

That’s better timely communication with the player base than some companies.

yes man flint axe, no trading post here or crafting table. but i build a camp t1 in front of my neighbour house.

they staring at me now.

Don’t suppose you want the kid too?

Hmmm if it’s no marauder, yeh. Can use it as fishing bot :smiling_imp:

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:rofl: This had me nearly breathing my coffee…

Lag? nope not here


Fingers crossed

I hope none of you people ever try addictive drugs.


Wolln wa mal hoffen das nicht jedes Update so lang dauert, wäre n richtiger Killer!

Europeans are not in majority are they?
Thought there were 168 Europe servers and 282 others.

F5 on server page, lets see those change any minute now.

2 further hours. Yikes


Unfortunately, we are having some technical difficulties and need to extend the maintenance for two more hours. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and support!

6hours minimum. GG indi company


The maintenance release delayed Lel

wtf 6 hours?

Oh I know, it’s because theyre overhauling the absolutely dreadful chat UI right guys? Right?!

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Yeah more servers in murica when in fact the higher player base is in Europe. Always the same screw Europe up with closing servers down when we wanna play and let those in murica sleep on it.