4 hours into the void: Did i just lose all progress EVEN with NO GOLD received or interaction with TP?

Problem is that it was partial rollback. We lost everything including gold that was touched during this time.


Before downtime you had 10000 k gold. You spent this on buying mats that you used to craft after downtime. You lost gold, Materials, and crafted items. So that means everything you literally touched during this 11-15 time period, vanished.

The thing is I didn t buy or received anything. I farmed 3 hours of mote the crafted exactly 15 energy core then the server went down. Those items are not supposed to be gone. I am sorry but it is just not okay.


Reminded me of playing Ark, you just learned frustration. Feels you, not a great feeling.

As a 455 hours solo fuking disabled gamer, I have lost my desire to play this game anymore. I am playing on EU this last fuck up just rolled up my account to the flat state loosing already bought items(before this shit happened ) lost 20K of gold which bought using marketplace in real fucking £ . I was in the middle of levelling engineering running hours between TP and forge , when took a break with IRL event this shit happened and lost everything . This game is beautiful don’t get me wrong but after situations like that , I just have no fun/desire/will to play anymore. Just no. Hope this message will reach some ppl behind the desk . Thank you

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Rollback is rollback I lost everything I did since 12;45 to 15 like every1 I expected that. Moreover I logged off yesterday around 2 pm when I saw ppl start writing about huge amounts of gold they received I knew they will make a rollback so there was no sense to continue my grind.

This game is a hot girlfriend with too high levels of crazy… It’s nice but it’s not going to last since everything is your fault. :laughing:

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So you admitted you bought gold to a gold seller or what ?

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its always funny when ppl think programming is that easy as “u just have to do …” i don’t want to know how insane the number of hours is needed to change only affected players its like
ohh he bought this item from player x and this from y ; player x and y have bought with the received gold from player z etc. etc. its like a never ending loop so if it is even possible to fix it will take hundreds of work hours to do it manually. this is nothing they could do automaticly

server rollback was the only clean way to give us the server back with no broken economy
so just deal with it the rollback is only 4h thats nothing in an MMO.

or do u want to pay hundreds of gold for a single Obsidian FLux?

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Oh how very mature of you, it’s the same for all of us now just swallow it down and get on with it or quit already :roll_eyes:

They Rollback between 12:45am and 01:00pm, so everything you did after this time until they shutdown at 03:00 pm, if I remember well, is lost.

:smile: I will be quitting don’t worry but first let’s see how bans work in this game. For science :upside_down_face:

Nobody cares

I understand that in your world it doesnt and you speak for humanity :slight_smile: but in my world you don’t really matter either. So let s call it a day and go give your momma a kiss <3

also Bump

same problem bro

i had Legendary 600gs Higher Purpose Life Staff as drop from boss in this time period and they wiped it(((

wrote a letter to support. they answered that next:

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the dungeon life staff drop. Our technical team is aware of this issue and is working on a fix. Our goal is to help resolve any problems you encounter as quickly as possible.
Thanks for your patience as we work to resolve this.
Thanks for contacting Amazon Games!
We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.
Best regards,
Alex D.
Amazon Game Studios

Generic answer that won’t bring anything to resolution, for sure mate. I already quit my company and gave out my gear for the people that have still the will to bear with them.

groceries BUMP

A release process involves testing. I agree with you, recovering from this was impossible, probably.
But the mistake behind it all is a database formatting issue. now, tell me can I assume that having something tested on said live configuration before running it on live servers is EASY? and from that mistake losing progress is even worse than the broken economy. Fresh servers could be nice but one year from now imho. We are not safe from this repeating again. Until then good games will fill the Void that AGS desperately wanted us to walk in.

also Congratulations :partying_face:!! Bump