404 Page? What's going on?

No clue what is going on - When I click the first “Continue” it takes me to a screen that says:
404 Wizards behind curtains?? That’s so 1939…


I think that’s a Discord issue! Something with the overlay.

Is there a solution?

No idea, probably something to bring up with Discord since it seems to affect other games as well.

im an idiot! I figured out the fix. You are right, Lux. It is a Discord issue. I fixed it though. Go to Discord “Settings”(little gear). Then “Activity Status” in left column. Turn off Overlay in the game it is giving this issue with. FIXED!

Discord will just have to push an update eventually for it to work.

Just found it odd as I have played/streamed before with it having an overlay with no issues.

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