40mins logged, nothing done thanks to bots!

AGS can we please address the bot situation or at least change all tier2+ nodes to personal loot on a 24h cooldown.

I have a very sporadic schedule due to having a job/ family and adult things to do.

I logged in today and only had about 40mins to play while my son napped.

I checked a bunch of wyrdwood trees, ironwood trees, starmetal veins and orichalcum veins…… every single one was empty, not just some, every single one, I could also see the bots, named hgjebhjd running around their “routes” just mining away.

I effectively logged on for 40mins ran around actually doing nothing. This can not continue much longer before people just stop logging in.

I for one am starting to lose patience waiting for this bot issue to be fixed.

The main reason I quit WoW after 15 years of playing was because of the rampant bot issue, paid carries, and blatant disregard of blizzard to address the issue.

Please address the issue or at least let the players know it’s being addressed. There are countless posts on the forums and videos about all of the bots.


The developers are completely incompetent, the reporting system does not work completely, the bots have been alive for two months!
English is not my first language, so it may contain errors, sorry!

AGS expects you spend that precious 40mins reporting bots…not having fun. I see and report the exact same 10-15 bots…everyday…for weeks now. They are still there today…in the same place…doing the same thing.


Apparently this has been an on going issue since forever.
I have been reporting the same bot since launch, up to this day, it’s still farming at its good ol routedue to this, i have came to a conclusion that bot reporting in the game is all for show.
Devs dont do anything with these reports.
Infact,bots are good for the economy, help distribute matts for alot cheaper than what an actual player would sell.
Lets keep the bots in, i want my matts cheap.

Please no more Daily Cool downs the game is riddled enough with them

No personal loot for gathering anything, that’s a horrible idea

where are you getting these cheap mats cause paying .5 for iron .4 for fiber and .4 for rawhide is not fun what about almost 2 gold per ori ore thats not cheap at all

there are really still people who play this crap seriously?

why are you on here then please leave if you have nothing good to say!

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Inflation happened.
Therefore, u could sell that high as well. Its a two way street.
Just saying.

I’m sorry you couldn’t figure out a way to have fun…or contribute in a meaningful way. Some of us still want this project to succeed. You’re not playing and still come here…why? My guess is it’s just one of many bridges you troll.

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I feel you. Feels like there isn’t enough nodes for a populated server. Bots never help.

except the Bots (aka AGS) have control of all resource nodes…how you gonna get anything to sell?

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