40v40? why not just fix lag?

Here we go again, most people barely get into wars because of cliques and honestly there is no real way to see if a person would be good unless they get in wars (BEEN ASKING FOR INFULENCE WARS WITH QUES FOR AGES WHICH CAN BE EASILY ADDED BUT NO), now that’s 10 less ppl = less of a chance that you get in, no motivation to play and grind and more people quit, idk who makes these decisions man.


If they could just fix the lag, don’t you think they would have?

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TBF they didn’t really communicate why they are lowering the number. I think it will be quite telling if they release this and lag/desyncs don’t improve - don’t you think?

Understand your frustration and have experienced this also.

Fixing the lag may not be possible or that simple. 100 players all in close proximity to another is quite a lot and this is still an issue with 80. Not sure maintaining these large numbers simply so that people can get onto the roster as you would like is the right decision though. Perhaps you’d be in favour of increasing it to 60 vs 60 or even more?

Wars and also OPR should be redesigned completely so that more of the server population can participate but so that it is also not two large masses of players colliding with all the ability spam that goes with it.

Better to close the game and relaunch when it’s on a decent state again. Lag happens even on OPR. They gonna do 10v10 on OPR also?

I’d like to see someone post an actual reason for this change that makes sense and improves the game.


Bring it forth.

If it’s “games cant handle 100 participants” then we should go tell the planetside guys about this startling revelation.

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Would be nice actually lol, or even 3v3…

That’s the problem. That is not a lot. Go to any other MMO…

100 people should NEVER cause an ENTIRE server to lag. PERIOD.

Can’t fix the lag because of the limitations of the game engine. Completely redesigning combat and spell effects or reducing total player count are the only 2 last ditch efforts available.

That is it.

It’s not that games can’t handle 100 vs 100, it’s that This game can’t. The game clearly has issues and the devs are clearly unable address said issues.

I wonder if they give the option to lower graphics even further would that help things out?

currently the lower settings aren’t that low

I don’t think it’s graphics that are causing lag. It’s server communication.

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you dont think 80 ice gauntlets cant lagg out a war?

I would be really sad if they cant make a game engine in 2022 handle 100 players in an instance in semi realtime.

I used to run 64 man server instagib events in QUAKE 2 (made in 1998) that ran just fine.
We’d do endurance rounds of first man to 500 kills.

This was multiplayer on the internet as well (not just LAN performance) We used nades and railguns so it was a bit of extra load. It handled tiny fraction of a second responses among super fast moving players with flick shots working as good as Ive seen them in any game.

64 people on 1998 technology.

Surely we can do 100 players in an instance 20+ years later.

It’s still an issue in OPR and that’s 20 vs 20…

Even with full Servers, the Alpha never had Performance Issues, if you wonder why we do have them now:

Yea iv long suspected aoe to be the problem. They keep adding more stronger aoe.

I wish the fights were more single target. It would be much more interesting than spamming aoe on a group.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they have downgraded the servers given the player counts are dropping.

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