4.5m gold to build a BIS bruiser. Let us gamble crafted 595-599 crafted gear for an upgrade. OR make crafted gear non character binding

Are you a bruiser? Well you need 5/5 res, 5/5 fort, 4/5 freedom + a perk. That going to cost you a 500k a piece. Ok so 2.5m for your bruiser armor set.

Want that BIS hammer (Attune,Sundering,Thwarting) / axe (Attune,Thwarting,Ref.Move) ? Well those are both over 1m each.

4.5m to outfit a BIS bruiser.

Could swap to mage - they are super cheap to build.

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Sounds like less people should chase the META and play to have fun and not worry about saving 3 minutes per run when gold is already so easy.

Problem is the perk system, on top of a very shallow attribute system, is too shallow.

BiS should not be a thing… Or at least there should be several different options to build your character.

Things like attunement and shirking fort just break the whole system.


I cannot wrap my head around why attunement% is higher than enchanted. Attunement has replaced enchanted, when they should be equal. Attunement should just be an elemental version of enchanted. Grit perk shouldn’t even exist, they can only be used to the maximum effectiveness with 300 strength. Refreshing ward is garbage, shirking heals is garbage, invigorated is basically a dead perk. Shirking fort is too effective on light. I don’t even see why people run shirking energy anymore. Vigor isn’t even remotely useful. Why are there physical/elemental aversions but not any to combat melee? Makes no sense that I can run full onyx heavy tank and mages still do less damage to me than GA or GS. Why am I tankier running 300/200 than running 200/300. So many things in this game, do not make sense.


Not only are these perks op but they are nearly unattainable and it makes the game an impossible grind for most players. Someone at AGS thought pvp doesn’t really matter in an MMO as long as there is an endless grind they will trap enough players in it.

Why wouldn’t attunement % be higher? It has a 1 second cooldown so in a clump it only applies once per swing. Enchanted applies to all hits. I would never run attunement on a melee build. You are gimping yourself in pve and pvp by doing so. Unless you are in a 1v1 enchantment is far superior


If they just nerfed shirking fort so it only procs off of one piece, then BiS gear would cost like 300k to 500k gold for a full armor set. It might even be closer to 150k-200k.

The only thing that is expensive is resilient + shirking fort + freedom.

Shirking fortification is too powerful. Light armor with shirking fortification mitigates more damage than heavy armor with no fortification.


Bruiser is so expensive because it is the most in demand build. This combined with the insufficient supply of crafting mats for bruiser gear makes it crazy right now.

I don’t think they will ever remove point combat or sacred ground from wars, so there will always be massive demand for bruisers.

If high numbers of mages were crucial in wars, their gear would be crazy expensive instead.

Best solution is to increase supply.

Increase squirming vines, consecrated iron, weaponsmith charm, ironwood sap drop rates or make them purchases le from faction vendor.

Increase iron guardsmen and iron battle drop rates or tree sap and wolf/boar blood drop rates.

On dry tree right now to roll one scarab for bruiser gear is anywhere between 30-60k.

And odds for bis are anywhere from 1 in 39 to 1 in 200.

30k * 200 is 6mill. 60k * 39 is over 2mill.


I dont min max like alot of people do but they have added alot of fluff and left the core rotting.

refreshing ward in clumps is much better than freedom, freedom only gets you out of stuns, you still get hit by stagger. This concept also differs server to server. On Valhalla this stuff is definitely much cheaper. I get BiS bruiser set pieces for like 130k.

Also on hammer you want Chain not Attunement.

in Total for a full BiS bruiser on Valhalla you are looking at like 750k to 1m

My BiS Mage, Healer, Tank, All 750k so its not that huge of an increase in price.

well to that regard then why does vorpal, or Thwarting counter exist?

Although i would be fine with the removal of shirking fortification, i think it just needs different values based on armor weight.

Doesn’t a bruiser want weapon perks over freedom? You are just getting pinballed around anyways, freedom won’t help much while on point? Stuns get instantly broken and freedom doesn’t work knockdowns or staggers

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it makes sense ,do you know what is that meaning if you got all of those?

Well the question is … do you really need bis? And a followup question, how many times do you encounter someone with 4,5M gold gear?

Can you or someone explain me why shirking fort is so strong for light armor?

it’s 3.8% right? it seems not like much to take 3.8% less damage… or am i missing some crucial infos?

Fortify reduces all damage taken, so 3.8% damage on a light is more damage than on heavy because of the armor values

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Because 1 second is negligible in the grand scheme, when you’re apply 18% over 10%. The 10% is also on basic attacks while attunement includes skills right? I mean, there’s a reason attunement is considered BIS and enchanted isn’t.

its not negligible, if you are fighting more than 1 person you are doing less damage with light and heavy attacks.

Attunement is BiS for single target weapons like bow and musket because they don’t cleave.